Posted by: Cat | December 10, 2007

Stars Defeat Oilers in OT, 5-4

MATT NISKANEN, YOU ARE THE THIRD STAR OF THE GAME TO ME, NOT DUSTIN PENNER, OKAY? What did Dustin Penner do besides score a goal and get an assist? Man, screw that guy. My Happy Meals had a goal and TWO assists, okay? I love you so hard, Matt Niskanen.

What a great game. I’m jealous of Patty over at Penalty Killing for getting to see it in person (not to mention for being able to purchase a Zubov bobblehead – please post pictures, Patty, because I want to see how horrifying it is).

The first period was, as Ralph and Razor said, “old time hockey”. Five goals scored, in the first period alone. In the first HALF of the first period! Once again, the Stars allowed the first goal of the game, from Sam Gagner (Ralph and Razor liked to mention that he is the son of former Star Dave Gagner, like, every two seconds). Thankfully, the Stars had an answer – two answers, in fact.

Mike Ribeiro (our very own Ribbons) scored two minutes after the Edmonton goal (assists from Antti Miettinen and Matt Niskanen), and after that? Well, let’s just say you could probably hear me screaming in Tokyo, okay? Because my Happy Meals scored a goal. There was some confusion as to who scored it – they initially gave it to Niskanen, with assists from Sergei Zubov and Jeff Halpern. Then it was decided that it was Halpern’s goal, during the first intermission, but according to Heika, the off-ice officials could swear that Halpern touched the puck, but Halpie, in a very classy move, insisted that he didn’t. Thanks for giving my Happy Meals credit where it’s due, Halpie!

Edmonton came back to get another goal, from Dustin Penner, to tie it up. Mike Modano answered that with help from Jussi Jokinen and Russian, thirty seconds later. Thus ends the first, and the Stars lead 3-2.

How can one POSSIBLY top that? BY INTERVIEWING MATT NISKANEN DURING THE INTERMISSION, THAT’S HOW. They talked a bit about his pimped-out ride, and showed a couple clips of the car getting pimped, and Niskanen getting the car at practice on Saturday. As I was telling Caitlin through all of this, if I can get past the accent, it must be true love. Right? Because let me tell you, as a Texan of 18 years, I have a hatred for any American accent that is not Southern or Texan. But man, when I hear Matt Niskanen or Mike Smith talk, I’m like “YOUR ACCENT IS SO STUPID BUT MAN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”. No offense, guys.

As far as gameplay goes, you really can’t top that first period, although it was a totally awesome game, the whole way through. The second period gave us an Edmonton goal by Tom Gilbert (after I screamed at my television because the refs didn’t call any sort of penalty on some Oiler who made Mojangles fall down go boom), and a goal from Russian, assisted by Mittens and Ribbons (I think Caitlin’s head might have exploded, that’s her dream goal). Stars lead it, 4-3, at the end of the second.

I was hoping that the game wouldn’t go to overtime, just so Edmonton wouldn’t get the point (at least we weren’t playing a division rival), but Shawn Horcoff just HAD to score a goal about halfway through the third. Whatever, Horcoff.

Razor pointed out that the Oilers are 7-1 in the shootout this season, which made me uneasy. I know the Stars are great in the shootout, but I still don’t like it. Good thing it didn’t have to go to that, because Brenden Morrow scored a goal with one minute left in overtime, assisted by, you guessed it, Russian and Happy Meals. That is the Untypical Girls goal, right there. They did it for us.

The three stars of the game, according to whoever determines those things, were Dustin Penner, Mittens, and Russian. In my mind, it’s Happy Meals, Mittens, and Russian. This was truly a game for the Untypical Girls. For Caitlin, Russian ended up with 4 points (a goal and 3 assists), and was +4 and #1 Star of the game, along with Mittens getting two assists and being #2 Star of the game. For Jenlo, Brenden scored the game-winning goal and Midget was being Awesome Midget. And, of course, for me, I got the Happy Meals goal I wanted for Christmas, along with him being +4 and getting 3 points in the game.

SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS? BEST GAME EVER. Not to mention the amazing photos they have up on the Stars website, which includes one adorkable photo of Russian and Happy Meals, two photos of Midget, a picture of Crafty!Russian, a picture of Crafty!Happy Meals, a photo of Brenden’s game-winning goal, and other awesomeness. I LOVE EVERYTHING. NOTHING CAN BRING ME DOWN RIGHT NOW.



  1. That really was my dream goal.

    I was SO insanely proud of my guys that it wasn’t even funny.

    As if having a harem of Russian, Mittens, Robi and Ribs wasn’t enough, I can feel it in my bones that Jokinen and Hagman will be added soon. There’s too many of them to be excited about and too many to constantly watch! My head hurts…although in the best way possible!

  2. Also, I’d just like to point out that this SHOULD make Sergei Zubov the highest scoring defenseman in the National Hockey League.


  3. Dude, I’m so proud of my boys. I love my hockey team. STARS ILU SO HARD OKAI.

    Hee, harem. Stars Harem. I only have two players in my harem, I think, Happy Meals and Smitty. Although there are some others I could throw in there for good measure. Turco and Norstrom maybe.


  4. Ack! They didn’t have any Zubov bobbleheads! This still pisses me off, hours later. I was gonna surprise y’all and everything. Shoot!

    Other than that, it really was an awesome game.

    Right when I was walking up to the doors, they were playing that Zubov highlight reel on the GIANT screen on the AAC. Pretty cool

  5. Patty, you are too awesome for words.

    That sucks that they didn’t have Russian bobblehead night, especially because I hear a lot of people went not only for the Oilers but Russian bobbleheads too!

    But still, it was a great game!

  6. Y’all, I finally got to watch the TiVo of this game last night and I saw Happy Meals on the bench right after his goal. Zubie leaned over and said something to him and Happy Meals cracked up! I wish I knew what Zubie said to him!

  7. Oh my god, Patty, wasn’t that the CUTEST thing?! I just squealed with joy when I saw that.

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