Posted by: Cat | December 8, 2007

Stars Fall to Ottawa, 4-2

That’s pretty much how I feel right now. It’s okay, Mike Smith. I still really adore you, and I wish you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself after games. While I understand that as a goalie, it is obviously your job to stop the puck from going into the net. At the same time, though, please don’t look so AngrySad in post-game interviews. You always say things that seem to imply that you feel like it’s all your fault. Check out this quote:

“I think all-around they are a good team and they got some bounces,” Smith said. “I needed to make some saves early and I didn’t do that tonight. Once you get behind, you chase the game and it’s unfortunate to start like that. A couple of more saves on my part would have made it a different game.”

This game was at least sort-of fairly refereed. The Stars ended up with 7 penalties (including one double minor to Stu Barnes for hi-sticking, and Niklas Hagman’s game misconduct), while the Senators also had 7 penalties (including a double minor to Chris Neil for roughing – thanks for not fighting back, Steve Ott!). Both teams capitalized once – the Stars first goal came from Hagman on the powerplay in the first period, while the Senators scored their third goal on the powerplay in the third period.


In the third period, Stu got that previously mentioned double minor for hi-sticking. A linesman had to call it, because both refs totally missed it. Later in the period, there was a BLATANT hi-stick against Jussi Jokinen – he fell to the ice and everything. Was anything called? NO.

The Stars managed to outshoot Ottawa 25-21. Sadly, that didn’t help, considering the 4-2 loss. Dallas pulled Smith for the extra attacker when the Senators were up by only one, and one shot from Ottawa hit the post. I thought to myself, “THIS IS A SIGN! WE CAN STILL WIN!” I mean, that happened in the playoffs last year, so why not again? Sadly, it didn’t work, because the Senators scored an empty-netter. I’ll blame them for my empty net goal nightmares.

I hate losing a lot. I’m ready for the Stars to start winning again. Sure, it’s only two in a row that the Stars have lost, but if they want to keep that division lead, they’ll obviously have to start winning again. Wednesday night’s loss to San Jose hurt a lot – that really would have secured the Stars’ top spot in the Pacific.

Maybe $2 Zubov bobblehead night will be better. Tune in Monday, for my whining about not having a $2 Zubov bobblehead, and hopefully, a much happier recap.


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