Posted by: Cat | December 6, 2007

Sharks Defeat Stars, 3-2, or, Why I Hate Refs

One of my childhood friends is visiting from out of town (she moved right after high school), and I decided to take her to a hockey game. Unfortunately, it was this one.

I knew it was going to be a bad night when Jeff Halpern (no links to player profiles in this one, I’m sleepy) got called for hi-sticking only 16 seconds in. It only got worse from there. The Stars ended up with 5 penalties through the game, which gave the Sharks plenty of powerplay time, including a :47 second (or something like that) 5-on-3. How many powerplays did the Stars have? Well, they got lucky and got a 5-on-3 in the third.

Just like in the past three games, the Stars allowed the first goal of the game (although thankfully not in the first minute, I’m looking at you, Penguins and Flyers), on a Sharks powerplay (the first of many, obviously). The Stars fought back through the penalty killing. They didn’t score any short-handed goals or anything, but they did manage to pull through and score 2 goals – one in the first from Trevor Daley (his first of the season, assisted by Mattias Norstrom, who just returned from IR), and one in the third from Mike Modano (assisted by Loui Eriksson and Matt Niskanen).

Everyone was thrilled when the Stars got their first powerplay…SIXTEEN MINUTES INTO THE THIRD PERIOD. That’s 56 minutes of ice time with no powerplay, despite plenty of things that looked a whole lot like penalties to me. THANKS, REFS, I’ll blame this loss on you. I thought the Stars played pretty well in this game. I feel like there was a lack of chemistry on the Morrow/Ribeiro/Lessard line (and seriously, scratching Lundqvist for Lessard? I understand scratching Mittens, with his groin injury and whatnot, but SERIOUSLY?), and there were a few fumbles here and there, but I think the defense was quite good (as usual with this team), and the offense capitalized when they could.

Whatever, stupid refs. Let’s hope the Stars fare better against the Ottawa Senators on Friday night.



  1. I never like the feeling that just because one team has ten power plays, the other team should have just as many, but sheesh. Regardless of how many the Sharks had, the Stars got gypped. That one play where the Shark dragged Ribs to the ice when he didn’t even have the puck…

  2. Exactly. I don’t like to think that the powerplay number should be even, but at the same time, if there’s a penalty, there’s a damn penalty.

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