Posted by: Cat | December 3, 2007

Stars Defeat Columbus, 2-1, in Shootout

The Shootout Specialists are back, y’all.

Remember a few weeks ago, when the Stars lost to the Sharks in the shootout, and I totally blamed myself because I was sitting up in whatever section I was in, thinking (and possibly saying) “we’ve got this in the bag now”? Yeah, I didn’t do that tonight, because I’m not stupid.

I admit, I was nervous when Jussi Jokinen didn’t score on his shootout chance. I thought it was over. Thankfully, I was way wrong, because Mike Modano, Mike Ribeiro, and Niklas Hagman (!!) all scored to win the game.

Once again, the Stars allowed the first goal of the game (at least it wasn’t in the first minute). The Turkmonster was in net tonight, and besides that one goal, he looked quite solid. There were a couple of breakaways by the Blue Jackets (I really can’t abbreviate that, can I?) that I was on the edge of my seat for, but he stopped them. Thanks, Marty, you so rad.

With Pascal Leclaire in net on the other end, it proved a well-defended game. Seriously, that dude is pretty awesome. I mean, we all know how I feel about the Turkmonster and Mike Smith, but that Leclaire guy…I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind watching him play, because he’s pretty phenomenal. This may be one of the few times you’ll read something positive from me about a goalie that does not play for the Stars, so treasure it while you can.

Everyone’s favorite not-really-a-midget midget, Chris Conner, scored early in the third period to tie the game. It looked like that was the kick the Stars needed, because they played harder after that, outshooting Columbus 9-5. Obviously overtime was uneventful, otherwise we wouldn’t have needed the shootout.

So the Stars are 4-2-0 for this lengthy road trip. Pretty good against a pretty tough Eastern Conference, I’d say. Tonight was a really positive way to end the trip.

An old friend from high school is visiting from Seattle this week, so updates may be few and far between. We are, however, taking her to the game against the Sharks on Wednesday, and therefore introducing her to the word “roenacking”. It should be an interesting evening.



  1. Woops! I should have checked here first. I used the same picture. :D Sorry about that.

  2. Hee! No worries – it’s not like I have the rights on that picture or anything. Besides, it’s a good shot of Hagman being cute and happy!

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