Posted by: Cat | November 30, 2007

Stupid Penguins. Stupid Cindy.

I wrote a half-assed game recap during the game, and then I accidentally deleted it. No, seriously. I thought I was deleting a draft I had written earlier, and I haven’t slept in like 48 hours, and I deleted the entry. Sorry.

No game recap for this one. Let’s just say the Penguins won, 4-1. Grr. I want Norstrom back (he might play Monday night, let’s keep our fingers crossed), and I want to know why Daley isn’t playing well. Lehtinen being out really sucks, especially considering that he’ll be out for like 10 weeks.

There is one really awesome thing, though. I’m happy to report that Mike Smith got rid of the weird stache thing he had going on, and is now clean-shaven and beautiful as ever. Thanks, Mike. Oh, and a note to the other Mike, the record-breaking one – please stop looking so sad, because it doesn’t improve my evening any.



  1. Don’t sell yourself short. I think this is perfectly fine recap. It covers pretty much everything.

    I love Daley and all, but I’m glad to see Tip gave him to somebody else for a while. As a result, Bouche was a +1 with an assist on the only goal.

    I think there’s something wrong, too. Hopefully, it’s something he’s about to recover from.

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