Posted by: Cat | November 28, 2007

Stars Fall to Devils, 4-2

Ah, well. Win streaks can’t last forever, otherwise hockey would be pretty boring.

I would say that the Stars pretty much dominated the first period, with a short-handed goal from Stu Barnes (his first of the season! Go Stu!), and an unassisted goal from Jussi Jokinen. The second two periods proved less fortunate for the Stars, with two goals from the Devils in the second, and two in the third (one empty netter, too).

Let me give some major props to Mike Ribeiro. Ribs, I know that I make fun of you a lot, with your bulging eyes and occasionally frightening skinniness, and your formerly greasy hair (thanks for cutting your hair, by the way, Ribs, it looks much better). But I want to give you some props, and thanks, for standing in front of the net when Turco was on the bench in the last minute or so, and stopping a shot from one of the Devils. That score could have ended up 5-2, but it didn’t, thanks to you.

All in all, I’d say the Stars actually looked pretty good in this game, despite the score. They turned over the puck more than I’d like, but they were skating hard and trying to score, which is what really matters. If Brodeur hadn’t been so great during that 5-on-3, I have no doubt that the Stars would have won it, but with a goalie like Brodeur, it proved to not work out for the Stars tonight.

Tune in Friday night for a matchup between the Stars and Sidney Crosby. Oh, wait, they’re playing the Pittsburgh Penguins, not just Cindy Crosby. The Penguins will be well-rested – they haven’t played since their 5-0 shutout against the Thrashers on Saturday. Also, former Star Darryl Sydor plays for the Pens now. I miss you, Sydor. I’m sure you don’t like it when Cindy hogs the mirror.



  1. I need to ask Pensgirl why Sydor has been healthy-scratched lately.

  2. You know what I don’t miss?

    Sydor’s misshapen torso.

    Excited for the Pens game. Have given up all hope on Russian not evading camera. Have now given up hope that this man will ever be anything but a hermit.

    Fire bad. Tree pretty.

  3. Sydor’s torso in the fitness calendar really does freak me out a lot. I’m so glad that for all of this month I got to stare at a shirtless Marty Turco when I woke up every morning. I actually took the calendar down during Sydor’s month – I couldn’t take it.

    I have this new obsession with searching GuideLive for random stuff about the Stars. Like, did you know that when Sergei Zubov moved last month, he raced out to Al Biernat’s to pick up Kobe steaks for everyone who helped out? He also bought steak knives because his were still packed.

    HOW DO PEOPLE FIND THESE THINGS OUT? And how do I get the job of doing that?

  4. Like, did you know that when Sergei Zubov moved last month, he raced out to Al Biernat’s to pick up Kobe steaks for everyone who helped out?

    Zubov: Hey, Halpie! Whatcha doin’ this weekend?
    Halpern: I’m free as a bird, Zubie! Why?
    Zubov: Well, we’re moving to the new house and I was wonderin–
    Halpern: Dammit!

  5. I like hearing fun, good stuff about the players, but I don’t want to hear anything bad.

  6. Hee! I like to think that Zubov got Niskanen to help just by staring at him threateningly. Scratch that, I like to think that Zubov got EVERYONE to help by staring at them threateningly.

    Here’s the thing – I know that on the ice and off the ice they’re totally different people. But Russian just seems so hardcore. I’ve heard he’s actually very nice and funny off the ice, and even at practice you can see some of that, he’s always laughing and joking around. But still, he scares me a little.

    I haven’t read anything bad yet – all I found was some stuff about Jason Arnott’s going-away party (and apparently how the standard dress wear for a Stars player is Gucci pants, some other designer shirt, and Prada shoes), and then something about Nick Lachey hanging out at Ghostbar, and he was joined by Brenden Morrow, Marty Turco, and Eric Lindros. That mental image both frightens and amuses me.

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