Posted by: Cat | November 26, 2007

A Good Start to the Eastern Conference Road Trip

No game recap for the game yesterday against the Rangers. Let’s just say that it was a hard-fought game, but the Stars managed to pull out a 3-2 win, thanks largely in part to the newly mustachioed Mike Smith (I don’t approve of the mustache, for the record, but whatever you want, Mike), who saved 39 of 41 shots. Also, thanks to Russian, who hit Avery in the face with a puck. Who knows if it was intentional, but your gift basket will be arriving at Brett Hull’s office soon, Russian.

The Stars faced former teammate Bill Guerin tonight at Nassau whatever Coliseum thing, when they played the Islanders. I’ll admit to being nervous through the whole game – I was craving a 6-game win streak from my favorite team so, so bad. Thankfully, I got it.

The first goal wasn’t scored until halfway through the second period, when Richard Park got a breakaway, Marty Turco left his net to try and grab the puck, failed, and Park got what was basically a short-handed, empty-net goal. I’ll forgive you, Marty, because of all the plays like that you make, most of them end up pretty well.

The Stars responded two minutes later, with a wrist shot from Mike Modano. Turco continued to make some astounding saves to keep the game tied at 1 going into the third.

In the second intermission, we got the NHL’s version of MTV Cribs, during which we saw Bill Guerin’s house. I really hope it was filmed awhile ago, because really, he’s been there awhile now. He really should have unpacked by now, don’t you think? Also, he has an elevator in his house and doesn’t really know how to work the TV. Aww, Billy.

Jeff Halpern scored six minutes into the third to give the Stars their first lead of the game (also, congratulations on your 100th goal, Halpie!). I was, of course, sitting with fingers crossed, on the edge of my seat, until Satan scored with just over 2 minutes left in the game, right after my Happy Meals went into the box for hooking. The Stars offense kicked it up in the last couple of minutes, spending much of the game in the Islanders’ zone. But, no dice.

So the game went to overtime, and I always get really nervous during overtime (I don’t think this is unusual). It was a short one, though, as Mighty Mo scored just 35 seconds in! Thanks, Mo!

All in all, I’d say this is a damn good start to the road trip. Not to mention, the Stars are on a 6-game win streak, which didn’t happen at all last season, according to The Great Wikipedia. Let’s keep it up, huh, boys? The Stars now hold 30 points, for 2nd place in the Western Conference, just 2 points behind the Red Wings.

On Wednesday night, the Stars face the Devils. Head over to Interchangeable Parts that night for a game diary. Tell the Ookies we sent you.



  1. This whole “second in the Western Conference” thing has really snuck up on me.

  2. It snuck up on me too!

    Also, Robi and Niskie are doing really well. Daley keeps making odd mistakes that he usually doesn’t make.

  3. Bouche has struggled, but I thought he had a really good game. He made at least two saves while Turco was wandering around looking at the flowers.

  4. Aw, thanks for the plug, guys! Just remember, our diary will be up on an extended TiVo delay. Like, a 3 hour delay. Stupid job.

  5. Jobs ARE stupid, aren’t they?

  6. Jobs are wicked stupid. I hate my job. Ugh.

    I’m really looking forward to your game diary, -Ookies!

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