Posted by: Cat | November 24, 2007

Why I Love the Stars, Part 3

It’s a dreary Saturday afternoon here in Dallas, and while I freeze in my apartment, I figure I’d write up another entry of “Why I Love the Stars”.

I’ll admit it, before we got a whole bunch of Finns on the team, I didn’t know too much about Finland. I knew it was cold, and that they probably ate weird food, because they’re European and all, but they’re better than the French. I’m not being Ugly American, I’m just expressing an opinion. Anyway, it was after getting Finns on the team, and meeting said Finns, that I decided that I love Finland. Finland is so awesome. Their language is totally awesome, with millions of vowels. It’s fun to yell things like “VAARA, MITTENS, VAARA!” at games, even though people don’t know what we’re talking about. Finland has a nice, pretty, simple flag.

Mostly, Finnish people are awesome. Apparently they have a thing for saunas, which amuses the Untypical Girls. Santa Claus is from Finland (Antti Miettinen told us so). I love Finns.

The Stars Logo
That is one kickin’ rad logo. It’s simple, which I like, because it meant it was easy to get it tattooed on (which I definitely did). The colors are pretty – green and gold complement each other very well.

Seriously? Look at that jersey. Those old jerseys were so cool. I mean, come on – it’s a star! And then the logo is inside the star! And if you’re wearing it, your head is the top of the star! The new jerseys are lacking in that awesomeness, but whatever, at least I have one of the old ones, right?

American Airlines Center Employees and the Dallas Police Force
Allow me to explain this one.

Jenlo and I went to a game in October against Calgary, and it was dollar hot dog night. Surprisingly, the lines were not that long in our area of the concourse. So we stand in line, when suddenly, we hear a voice yelling. This is pretty common, from fans, or the beer guys, or whoever. This was not any beer guy, though. This was the most awesome beer guy ever.

“Peeeeeaaaaaaaaanuts! Ice! Cold! Beer! Buuuuuuuud Light!”

I really can’t express in text form how awesome it is, so I might take a digital recorder to the next game I go to, and get a recording of it, all spy-like. Now, no game is the same without him.

Another thing no game is the same without is Aggressive Whistle Cop. The traffic cops around the AAC generally don’t use their whistles that much, but Aggressive Whistle Cop? He not only uses it A LOT, but also whistles very aggressively, hence the nickname. It’s like he’s so angry that he has to be there, that he’s going to whistle at you angrily until you scamper across the street just to get away from him. We look forward to hearing Aggressive Whistle Cop at every game we attend.

I’m sure I could come up with more, but you guys know the rules – 3 per post. Otherwise it might be Stars-Love-Overload.


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