Posted by: Cat | November 22, 2007

Stars Take Victory Against Ducks, 2-1

Thank you, Mike Smith, for expressing in actions what I can barely express in words right now.

Let me tell you, this was both the fastest and slowest game I have ever attended in my entire life. It seemed like the game was going by really quickly, but actually, looking at how the game went, it was REAL slow goin’. In the beginning, I wasn’t even sure what had happened to the Dallas Stars that I knew and loved from the past few games. They didn’t seem to be skating as hard as they have been, they didn’t seem to want it as badly as they’ve been wanting it. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a blogger who was sitting way up in 324.

The Mike Modano tribute was lovely – very classy, which is something I always love in hockey (a sport where people regularly beat the crap out of each other). It was really emotional for a lot of people – you can see Mo wiping away tears on the broadcast. I was up there crying my eyes out, of course, while the other Untypical Girls were laughing at me, I’m sure. I can’t help it, you guys, I’m emotional about hockey. Plus, seeing big, strong, tough guys cry makes me cry. They had clips of people Mo has played with or worked with through the years during TV time-outs. I remember Joe Nieuwendyk, Bob Gainey, Ken Hitchcock, Derian Hatcher, Jeremy Roenick…Roenick, by the way, his message got cut off because he started talking too much. Also, as Caitlin pointed out, he looked like Ernest P. Worrell. Which is 100% true.

Oh, the game? Right. This won’t be long, I really need to get to bed, since I have to work on Thanksgiving (sucks, huh?). Anyway, Anaheim scored in the first. Boo, boo, boo. The second period was scoreless, although there were some close calls from what I could tell. Third period is when it finally went our way. Fittingly, Mike Modano was the one to score the first goal for Dallas, with assists by Russian (his 600th career assist, btw) and the Morrownator. 41 seconds later, the Finnish Line scored – goal by Niklas Hagman, off of a rebound from Matt Niskanen‘s shot (secondary assist to Jussi Jokinen). I’m sure I’ve mentioned it, but Matt Niskanen is not Finnish. His last name just sounds really Finn. He’s not blonde, so he can’t be a Finn on this team. Sorry, Happy Meals. I love you anyway.

Speaking of Happy Meals, I got my Niskanen jersey yesterday. I went through a SERIOUS debate with myself over whether or not to wear my Smith jersey or my Niskanen jersey to the game tonight. I was planning on wearing the Niskanen jersey, since I figured Turco would get the start tonight. But Dave Tippett really does like to ride the hot goalie (that can be seriously misconstrued), and started Smith again tonight. So I wore my Smith jersey. And we produced a win! I’m not one for superstitions, but when it comes to hockey? I’m a little crazy.

Smith was the star of the last minute or so of the game. Anaheim pulled Giguere, AND the Stars got a penalty, so it was a 6-on-4 for a minute. Smith made some really tough stops, or had some seriously good luck, to keep the game from tying. Hence the picture above, really.

Happy Thanksgiving, readers! Stuff yourselves with delicious foodstuffs, and report back on Friday night for the Stars vs. Maple Leafs recap, not to mention another edition of “Why I Love the Stars”!


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