Posted by: Cat | November 20, 2007

Revenge, She Was Had – Stars 3, Kings 0

Congratulations, Mike Smith! You’ve now recorded your first shutout of the season, and fourth in your NHL career, which isn’t so bad for a goaltender who’s only been in the NHL for one full season, playing something like 23 games. We really appreciate it, Mike.

From section 312, row B, we had a pretty good view of the game. The first period? Boring. And also really nerve-wracking, because none of us felt that they played the same way that they did against the Colorado Avalanche on Friday night. The first period remained scoreless, as did most of the second, until Steve Ott scored with 1:23 remaining in the second. The noise in the building was incredible, which makes sense, given that the game was scoreless for 38 minutes.

The third period proved more eventful, with goals from Niklas Hagman and Jere Lehtinen. Sadly, Caitlin did not get her wish for Russian’s 600th assist, Jenlo did not get her wish for Midget goal, and I did not get my wish for Happy Meals goal. I DID get my wish for Smitty shutout, though.

Speaking of Happy Meals, you know how I said in my entry about him that he needs to start hitting people? WELL, HE DID. I think it was Dustin Brown who checked him, and Niskanen was all “Hey! None of that!” and hit him back. It was AWESOME.

The three stars of the game were Steve Ott, Stephane Robidas (poor Robi, always getting hit – he’s starting to get pissed about it, though, I think, because he’s hitting people back, HARD), and, of course, Mike Smith. In fact, Mike Smith is Monday’s NHL First Star. This is the second time in as many games that a Dallas Star has been First Star of the night – last Friday it was Jussi Jokinen against the Avs.

Wednesday night is Mike Modano Tribute Night (I’ve already given him a tribute by naming my guinea pig after him, I think). The ceremony starts at 7:30, the game won’t start until 8:00. Whatever, we’re still getting there early. Also, I’m kind of bitter about not bringing spare cash, because Happy Meals was on the cover of the game program. Boo. Ah, well – life goes on, I suppose.


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