Posted by: Cat | November 19, 2007

The Mascot of Untypical Girls

We’re fortunate to be Stars fans, where they have not created some weirdo creature to be a mascot. Some teams have adorable mascots – see Fin, of the Vancouver Canucks, to the right, or click here to see Carlton the Bear, of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Some have terrible mascots, like the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Stinger, or Thrash from Atlanta.

Well, the team consisting of three female hockey fans in Dallas, the Untypical Girls, also have a mascot, and, even though I might be biased, I think ours is the cutest ever.

Meet Mr. Mojangles.

Mr. Mojangles is a 3-week-old guinea pig. He is still so very tiny, and can fit into the palm of my hand, as you can see. He enjoys carrots, cabbage, and mandarin oranges, and dislikes loud noises (which means he probably isn’t super happy when we’re screaming at hockey players through the television) and cats trying to get into his cage (that’s Maahes, another critter that lives in Untypical Girls headquarters – there are, in total, five critters, not including the lizards that hang out outside).

Mr. Mojangles is, obviously, named for Mike Modano. I thought of telling Mike Modano this, but figured he might think it was a little odd that we call him Mr. Mojangles in the first place.

The Stars play the Kings tonight. Mike Smith is starting in net, and the lines and defensive pairings look to be the same as they were against the Colorado Avalanche on Friday night (thanks for the info, Heika – you so rad!). This makes sense – the team’s play on Friday astounded me, and if they can keep this momentum going, that would help them out a lot.



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