Posted by: Cat | November 17, 2007

Awesome 6-1 Win Against Avs


Mike Smith started in net tonight, despite the whole wisdom teeth thing. He was fantastic, saving 17 of 18 shots on goal. At one point, Jussi Jokinen accidentally high-sticked Smith in the face, and he fell to the ice in pain – he was writhing in pain and I panicked a little bit, I admit. We were sitting in my living room, and Razor said something about Smith being on the ice, hurt, and then they went to commercial. I freaked out real bad, for real. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously hurt, and played the rest of the game.

Jokinen got a hat trick, plus one! It was awesome, I love seeing hats thrown on the ice. Other goals scored by Ribeiro and Halpern. Zubov has 599 career assists. Stars won. Awesome.

Short and sweet. I’m flustered.



  1. It made me so happy!

    So excited for 600th assist for Russian.

    I order my jersey Monday! YAY!

  2. Hugely great game! Juicy’s hat trick was a surprise, let alone his getting four goals.

    I think the Stars had the puck 80% of the game, if not more. I hope that’s the real them.

  3. Patty –

    I know! We were so proud of Juicy! The look on his face every time he scored was great. I was also really proud of Halpern, because he hadn’t scored in a while.

    I too hope this is the “real” Stars and they keep going like this…

  4. Big question – who starts on Monday? Do you start Turco, who is, of course, the starting goaltender, but also was a part of the collapse last week? Or do you start Smith, who is coming off of a win? I think starting Smith would be a good move (hear me out), to jolt Turco up a bit. He doesn’t really seem to care as much this season, or something, and that bugs me. I think starting Smith might show that hey, there’s another good goalie here, too.

  5. Smith was also part of the collapse last week. Turco had 2 solid wins last week, including a shut-out. I say start Turco.

  6. I wouldn’t mind if they started Smith. Last season, Turco struggled early, too, and I think the fact that Smith was so good irked him a little and made him try to prove that Smith is no him. :D If you know what I mean.

  7. Are y’all going to the game tomorrow night (Monday)? I really want the next bobblehead but I don’t think I’m going to be able to make the game. On their site, it looks like it’s Modano.

    I’m still trying to decide whether I’ll go, but it’s not looking good.

  8. Either Turco or Smith could start and I’d be happy. Of course, I’ll probably be wearing my Smith jersey, so I’d like it if he played. ;)

    We will be at the game, Patty! I’m pretty sure it’s Mike Modano bobblehead night. Let us know if you’re not going to go, and we can pick you up a bobblehead.

  9. Patty –

    Like Cat said, we’re totally going! Just drop one of us a line and we’re glad to pick you up a bobblehead.

    You are going on Wednesday, right?!

  10. Man, I definitely can’t go on Wednesday. I’m so mad that they make Tribute night be the night before Thanksgiving! I’m having my whole family over this year (only the second time I’ve ever done it) and they pick that night. Gah!

    There is no way I can go on Wednesday but it’s the one I want to go to most.

  11. Patty –

    No worries! It sucks that you can’t go but I will totally be taking pictures and posting them up here. I think that’s $3 shirt night too for Mojangles, so let me know if you want me to pick you one up, and I’m glad to do it!

    Also, any cool free stuff? Will be totally coming your way!

  12. Thanks a ton! I just need the bobblehead, really, so don’t worry about getting me a shirt (I have Boucher’s so I’m good).

    I sent y’all an email.

    Thanks again! I owe you a big one.

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