Posted by: Jen | November 15, 2007

That which is the Midget and Morrownator.

So Cat has been very angry with me that it has taken this long to write this. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t disappoint.

Even though I haven’t posted a lot, I’m sure it’s quite obvious that while I love the entire team, there are 2 players that definitely earn more lovins. That would be Brenden Morrow and Chris Conner.

I love them both so much I can’t even think of who to start with, so I’ll just go alphabetical so I don’t feel bad for putting one in front of the other.

Chris Conner, who I have affectionately nicknamed Midget, is one you can always find on the ice by just looking for someone who looks like a kid skating around. Razor has taken to calling him “Gap Toothed Little Scamperer.” Again, out of love I’m sure.

He spent the first part of the Stars regular season on our farm team, the Iowa Stars. I can not explain to you the anger in me from that idiotic move. It took them long enough to realize their mistake, but I was angry they sent him down in the first place. He is a solid little Midget. He led the entire Stars team in points during the preseason. And I mean the entire team, including Mikey Mo. Why would you send a player like that down? He’s deserved to be on our team since the beginning, and I can’t wait to proudly wear my Conner jersey after I finally receive it.

Conner is one of those players that no matter what the points are on the board, he will play his best game anytime his skates hit the ice. He plays with heart (God I hate saying that, but Tipp is right. You gotta have heart) and it shows. He is such a great puck handler that most of the time I sit there in awe at his abilities to maneuver himself and the puck between 3 or 4 opponents to shoot on the net.

It seems to me they expect a lot out of Conner, since they did put him on the Modano line. Part of it might be because of his puck handling ability, but some I think is just because of the fact that he is a fast little shit. He is one of the only ones on the team who I think can actually keep up with Mike Modano when he decides to take that one little step and zoom down the ice. I swear, it just amazes me, both of them. But this isn’t about Modano, this is about Chris Conner.

I can’t say enough good things about him. Now that I finally have him back on my team, I’m hoping they don’t make another mistake and send him back to Iowa. That would be a bad move Stars, I just want to make sure you hear me.

Now, onto the man of the hour, our lovely captain Brenden Morrow. Even typing his name makes me giggle. I’ve loved this man for 7 years now. I’d been saying after his first season here with the Stars that he would make Captain one day, and I was right. As I always am.

To me he just embodies everything a good Captain should have; he leads by example and plays hard every night. He is someone the entire team can look to when things are not going as expected. (Take these past few days for example.) He isn’t one to sugar coat things, if he feels the team did poorly, he will say it to TV cameras. He doesn’t try to place the blame on one specific player because he fully understands it’s a team effort. (Too bad certain hockey fans can’t understand this and get off Turco’s ass all the time.)

Not only is he a great guy for Captain, he is a great player in general. He is now tied with Ribeiro for most points on the team, and is tied with Hagman with most goals on the team. I think this is going to be a record year for him, thanks to his linemates who also seem to be having a stupendous year. Yes, I did just use the word stupendous. They deserve awesome words like that.

He is also awesome at the forecheck. Because he can Morrownate people before they know what hit him. And then all they can say is “OH NOES I JUST GOT MORROWNATED.”

There is just so much greatness about this man I can’t even unscramble all the insane thoughts about him in my head to write them on, erm….the internets.

With great up and coming & already there players such as Conner and Morrow, the team is growing to become one of the elite NHL teams again. That is, after our slump is over. Which it will be. I swear. Especially after I’m done with Mick McGeough, but that’s another story.




    He doesn’t try to place the blame on one specific player because he fully understands it’s a team effort. (Too bad certain hockey fans can’t understand this and get off Turco’s ass all the time.)


    Except you, of course. Thank you for finally posting your article, it makes me really happy. Aww, Gap-Toothed Little Scamperer”. ILU SO MUCH MIDGET.

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