Posted by: Cat | November 15, 2007

Disappointing 4-3 Shootout Loss to Sharks

Well, that kind of sucked. Sucked less than the Kings game on Saturday, obviously, but it still sucked.

Jenlo, Caitlin, and I all left 10 minutes into the first period, to go to the fan shop before it would take five hours to get there – there was a huge crowd (17,682 according to the NHL game summary) , considering the Wednesday night. For those of you wondering, the fan shop at the AAC DOES have the women’s jerseys in stock, but they are $30 more expensive than they are online, and customization is $45 more than it is online. Therefore, I ordered my Matt Niskanen jersey online, when I got home. Yes, I know this is his first year in the NHL. Yes, I know that he may well get traded, but my faith in that kid is strong, especially with the way he’s been playing lately (but Niskie, please hit people, this whole gentle shoving thing, while cute, is unacceptable). I root for the rookie, what can I say? I mean, two of my favorites are Baby Niskanen (or Happy Meals, as we like to call him around these parts) and Mike Smith (I have no cool nickname for him), who is only in his second season.

Anyway. While we were walking down the terrace concourse to the escalators, we heard the goal horn, and that horrible song that indicates the opposing team has scored (this song haunts my nightmares, particularly when preceded by an empty net goal). We, of course, were saddened, but were not about to give up. We went to the fan shop, and Jere Lehtinen the Finnish Wizard scored to tie it up, 1-1. Words can’t express how quickly the three of us skidded across the floor of the fan shop to see the replay on the TVs above the counter. The employees laughed at us. Whatever, AAC fan shop employee. We’re cool.

We went out to smoke before everyone else would storm outside, and therefore missed San Jose’s next two goals. Very disappointed. The second period was uneventful, with the exception of two penalties from Trevor Daley (again, no cool nicknames yet), and one from the Finnish Wizard towards the end of the period. Boo.

The Stars, as usual, played a good game when they were behind in the third. Honestly, the whole game, I felt, was played pretty well by the Stars. In the third, the Morrownator and Niklas Hagman (maybe he should be the Finnish Wizard instead) scored to tie it up.

Then, of course, it had to go to overtime.

But wait! The Stars didn’t suck this time! They played a hard five minutes of overtime, which is more than I can usually say for them. Sadly, no dice – shootout.

I have to admit that at this point, I was pleased. I thought to myself, “Self, you have no reason to worry! The team’s got this in the bag!” Of course I didn’t say it, because I’m not an idiot who wants to get punched by Jenlo, but I admit that I thought it. Unfortunately, the Stars didn’t deliver for me this time.

Russian netted one, but it was on the rebound, so, boo. Marty Turco then allowed one in from Setoguchi, and my faith started to waver a little. Jussi Fruit didn’t make it, which sucks, but he can’t get it every time, I guess. And then stupid ol’ Marleau won it with his shot. Suckage.

This part is the fun part. I swears.

So the Untypical Girls have a Bueno Tradition. We always go to Taco Bueno after the game, and come back to my apartment, and watch the good parts of the game on my DVR, since I record all the games. I will say this for us: even if our team loses, we find ways to laugh.

We only watched the third period, because we’re all losers with jobs that don’t involve sleeping a lot and watching hockey all the time (well, I did get to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs at work sometimes, and I admit I nap on the couch on my lunch break). Through the whole period, we laughed. A LOT. The way Caitlin shrieks “Hey! No! Why you touch my Mittens?! GOD!” is hysterical. Jenlo has a tendency to yell “Don’t touch him!” or “Get away from him!”, usually followed by “WHAT I SAY?!” Meanwhile, I sit there moping about the lack of Mike Smith on my television screen, until Happy Meals does something cool or gets hit, and then I join in on the shrieking. I’m sure my neighbors appreciate it a lot.

Jenlo had the brilliant idea to podcast during the game. We’ll give our own play-by-play (which will probably be something like “That Kings player…Number…Oh, I can’t see it, whatever, they didn’t score, so who cares…Russian steals the puck and passes to Happy Meals, who passes to Mr. Mojangles, who shoots…AND SCORES! YES! GO MOJANGLES!”), but most of it will probably just be shrieking and rewinding for closeups of certain players we love (those parts will be filled with “Ooh, Russian, why you look so good?” We have a tendency to speak in netspeak a lot.). So we’ll see what game we can do that on. Maybe it’ll just be a surprise.

By the way, if anyone has any cool suggestions for nicknames for players, hit us up in the comments. We’re always looking for something to call players besides their actual names.



  1. I was gonna ask you why you call Niskanen “Happy Meals”, but I tripped over your glossary and found the explanation. That is so hilarious.

    And Pookie and Schnookie would love that story, because they’re wildly fascinated by whiteboards in the background. As we all are.

  2. My Happy Meals jersey shipped today, so I’m way stoked about getting that little surprise in the mail next week.

    I love Pookie and Schnookie. And also whiteboards.

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