Posted by: Cat | November 14, 2007

Shaking It Up

Apparently, yesterday and today are the days to say goodbye.

Yesterday, Doug Armstrong was relieved of his duties as General Manager of the Dallas Stars. Today, Jeff Cogen was named president of the franchise, replacing Jim Lites, who will apparently be “totally dedicated to” Hicks Sports Marketing Group.

I don’t want to spend even more time speculating, so I’m just going to report the facts. I’m no journalist, so these are just things that I’ve discovered in my searches for more information about just what the hell is going on with my favorite team.

– According to Heika, Tom Hicks, owner of the Stars, hinted that the lack of doing anything to change up the team in the off-season had something to do with Armstrong’s firing.

– I’ve heard that Lites had absolutely no idea that Armstrong was getting the boot. I don’t remember where I read that, otherwise I would link you. It does explain why Lites “stepped down”, though.

– Untypical Girl Caitlin linked me to this article in an email this morning. Basically, it confirms some of her suspicions that there was some negativity surrounding the team – players and management.

Hicks learned that several key members of the organization, including players and staff, didn’t appreciate Armstrong’s management style. Apparently, it was creating a negative vibe around the club. The owner also found out that those who didn’t have a “style” issue with Armstrong had lost confidence in his ability to do the job.

– Also according to Heika (thanks, Heika, for keeping us up to date on all this), Hull and Jackson do not plan to change the coaching staff or make any trades. Jackson said, “I think we need to assess what we have before we start talking about moves. We need to get established and on the same page first.” This makes 100% of sense to me, so thank you, Les Jackson. Heika speculates that Jackson will bring Swedish Fish, Original Flavor up from Iowa. Apparently Jackson wants to get the younger players more ice time or something. This also makes sense to me, as our vets aren’t getting any younger.

My fellow Untypical Girls and I will be attending the Stars game tonight. I have to admit that I am both eager and anxious about this game. Hopefully we’ll see some better play from everyone (by the way, Heika agrees with me, that our goalies aren’t horrible, that their numbers reflect not only them but the team in front of them – thanks, Heika!). I know it’s been a rough two days, but come on, Stars. I’ll love you regardless, but I’ll keep buying stuff if you win.


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