Posted by: Cat | November 13, 2007

Why I Love the Stars, Part 2

Yeah, I know I said weekly, but with one person already axed, I fear for the rest of my favorite team. The trade rumors make me nervous, I don’t want Tippett to get fired, and who’s going to be the new GM anyway, and oh my god I need a paper bag to breathe into.

So here it is, installment two of “Why I Love the Stars”.

American Airlines Center
I love the American Airlines Center. No feeling compares to the feeling I get when I go to my first game of the season, donning some Stars gear, surrounded by people wearing green, black, and gold. Sure, I have my complaints about the building, but for the most part, I love it. I also love that when they first built the place, they mixed up the glass in the bathrooms. Instead of the sort of frosted glass in the bathrooms, they had clear glass, and people who drove by complained that they had a clear view into the restrooms. Obviously, the glass was replaced, but it’s still a pretty funny story. The food, although overpriced (which it is at any sporting event ever), is pretty awesome, and the beer guys? RAD. I’ll never forget Jenlo and I, at the Calgary game on October 12, laughing so hard at the guy who was all “PEEEEEEEEEEEEE-NUTS!” It was incredible, and another one of those things you just have to hear.

The Frisco StarCenter
The StarCenter has a specific smell that I can’t entirely describe, but love. It’s like the scent of new sweaters and freshly Zamboni-ed ice. Something about it just makes me so happy. I’ll never forget walking into training camp back in September and smelling that smell, and just grinning. I always like to say that it smells like home. The Frisco StarCenter kind of is my home away from home – not lately, because I’ve been lazy or the team’s been on a road trip, but I love to go to practices, and see my favorite team out there, usually having a good time.

Maybe it’s just us Untypical Girls, but I love the nicknames that our players either already have, or are given by us. I think the players on the Stars have enough personality to have nicknames, and even if they don’t, I’m going to continue thinking that they do. Come on, does any other team have a guy they can call “His Mojesty” or “Mr. Mojangles”? Doesn’t “The Morrownator” just strike fear into your heart? Don’t you want to be warmed by “Mittens”? Our team has cooler nicknames than your team.



  1. I love our nicknames.

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