Posted by: Cat | November 13, 2007

Why I Love the Stars, Part 1

I’m tired of trade rumors. I’m tired of the other team coming back and winning it. I’m tired of overtime losses, I’m tired of negative Stars fans, I’m tired of being made fun of at work for being a Stars fan (the guy who does all the making-fun-of has thankfully gone on vacation for a month – see you in December, fool!). I’m tired of people down here not understanding hockey (my friend over at All Hockey All the Time put it best here: See those guys on the ice? Their job is to put the puck in the other guys’ net. The other guys? They try to stop them. There you are. Done. Now you understand hockey.).

Given all of these factors, I decided that we need some positivity around here. So, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with part one in what will be a series of posts declaring why I love the Stars.

Marty Turco
I’ve talked about my goalie love from Day One here on Untypical Girls, so it’s only fitting that in my first Why I Love the Stars post, he is the first thing that comes up. Marty Turco is awesome. His name makes for fun little sayings like “Marty Party”, and the way Bill Oellermann says his name when introducing the team is so much fun: “MAAAAAAARRRRTY TURCO!” I really can’t express it in text form, it’s something that needs to be heard. Until Miika Kiprusoff came along, Marty held the NHL record for best GAA, at 1.72. It could be argued that Marty Turco was the sole reason the Stars ended up playing a Game Seven in the Quarterfinals last season. Maybe he hasn’t been so great this year. Whatever! He’ll start ruling again soon enough. He’s also a pretty sweet dude off the ice – he’s the spokesperson for the Stars Stick With Reading program, and he played air guitar with me for about two seconds once.

Lots of people have a love/hate relationship with JeffK. Either that, or they just hate the guy. Me? I totally think he’s kickin’ rad. Sometimes the music choices bug me (I wouldn’t mind “Soulja Boy” so much if I didn’t always end up sitting around drunk SMU frat boys and sorority girls who get up and dance), but he’s a pretty excellent game host. I’m hoping that things like “Finnish or Gibberish” and “What Would Stu Do” are from his mind. I met him when Untypical Girl Jenlo and I became Havoc Fanatics last season, and I seriously did not see him from April until September, when I went to training camp. He saw me, called my name, introduced me to a ticket rep, gave me a hug, and was basically awesome. Sure, he probably does that with everyone, but still, man, it feels good to be appreciated as a fan.

Promotional Nights
Even though the mini-bobbleheads look really, really scary (you can see Caitlin’s and my comments on it over at Patty’s blog, Penalty Killing), I love my little scary-eyed Brenden Morrow, and I’m totally going to get all six bobbleheads (I think the 19th is Modano bobblehead night, which I’m pretty stoked about – Little!Morrow looks pretty vacant, but I’m intrigued as to how they might make Little!Mo look more vacant than he usually does). $3 player t-shirt night is AMAZING, and has managed to up my Stars clothing collection to like, 3517805137 (Wednesday night is Russian player t-shirt night!). And, of course, we all love Dollar Dog Fridays. How can you resist? The other stuff they give away is pretty cutesy and sweet, too – I have Dallas Stars beer koozies, light-up necklaces, magnets (and magnet schedules), etc. On Jenlo’s birthday last year, we got carnations, since she has the misfortune of sharing her birthday with Valentines Day (although obviously, we don’t celebrate Valentines Day, we focus on Jenlo’s birthday – it really should be a national holiday) – the guy handing them out said “This is for you, from the Dallas Stars”. I hoped that he would be more specific – “This is for you, from Mike Smith”, but sadly, it was from the whole team. Which is okay, now that I think about it.

So there you go, friends. Three reasons why I love the Stars. I’m hoping for this to become a weekly thing, with my fellow Untypical Girls joining in. It’s still early in the season – there’s still time for the Stars to make their playoff run.


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