Posted by: Caitlin | November 13, 2007

Mavericks vs. 76ers: We’re So Confused

It’s been a long day, hasn’t it, hockey fans? It’s Caitlin, checking in, yo!

I’m at Cat’s right now, updating post-Mavs. I wish I could tell you what Cat and Jenlo are doing right now, but then I’d have to kill you, because they’d probably gang up on me and smother me in my sleep if I told you.

Hopefully we’ll have a couple of pictures up of the Mavs for you tomorrow because I think between just a plain, long day and the emotional rollercoaster that has been November 13th for us Stars fans, once I get home I’ll probably just drop. There’s nothing further that I can say today, I don’t think, that hasn’t been said by Heika or Patty (Patty probably putting it more eloquently than I could).

I digress.

The post probably should have a subtitle added to it: Or How Untypical Girls Cat and Caitlin Learned to Love Hockey Even More.

Cat and I actually got pretty sweet seats to this game, but from the moment we arrived close to the American Airlines Center, we were totally confused. I didn’t feel totally awkward at first. Then we rolled up to the parking lot where we always park for Stars games.

What the heck? Parking is $5 more for Mavs games than Stars games in that lot! Everyone’s prices were jacked up compared to Stars games. Capitalism at it’s finest, I suppose, but it was just the starting trend for the evening.

Then it wasn’t even cold in the AAC. Obviously, there’s no ice for basketball games, but I’m used to sitting in the nosebleed seats up in 328, and I’m usually freezing my butt off up there, and we were down about ten rows away from the court, and I was burning up.

Also, a definite negative? I never watch basketball. Untypical Girl Cat does, sometimes, but I realized I’ve never watched a full basketball game all the way through. What do you do at a basketball game? I’m so used to hockey that I was totally lost. I learned fast that you clap in a somewhat interested fashion when the Mavs score. You yell for defense a lot. You sit a lot. It was very odd, with a distinct lack of Gary Glitter. Also, not as much to get excited about. I kept having to check the Jumbotron for the score, which felt very disconcerting.

Other odd things that we take for granted at hockey games that we had not previously appreciated until we attended the Mavs game:

* Bill as our announcer. Oh Bill, we love you so much! It’s weird to attend sporting events at the AAC and not hear your magical voice.
* Fans not decked out in gear! I’d say about 40% of people were wearing Mavs gear. Most popular was Nowitzki, obviously. Cat and I are used to going to Stars game with 85% of attendees wearing jerseys, and seeing a wide variety of them as well, between personalized jerseys (guy who has the 99 jersey emblazoned with STANLEY as the name, I’m looking at you), right down to the people who have Derian Hatcher jerseys.
* The amount of activity. Woah, ESPN was out, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning was out there, lots of promotions. We have a lot of in-Stars promotions where the Stars organization gives stuff away or sells stuff at low prices ($3 Zubov shirt tomorrow night! Yay!), but there seemed to be a lot of outside organizations there promoting.
* Women in dressy outfits. I very rarely see women in dresses, high heels or “work type” outfits at Stars games. I, at least, felt seriously underdressed.
* Smokers barricades. We had to stand in a little paddock to smoke. It was strange and off-putting.
* National anthem. It felt weird to not yell “STARS” during the national anthem.
* Sitting in the lower bowl. Such a difference! We were envious because we felt if we had seats that good, there should be glass and ice there. And Bouche hitting people into said glass. But we were still glad to see the Pasty German Nowitzki up close and personal!

It just felt weird all the way around. The Mavs looked good but didn’t look like they had to try very hard at all, really, to run circles around the 76ers. Final score was something like 98 to 84, Mavs. Cat and I left early to beat traffic, essentially, but we still had a good time.

An odd time, but a good time.

Heart attack moment of the night: We were outside giving ourselves lung cancer when Cat said, “Oh look Caitlin! There’s Russian!” What I didn’t realize is that Cat totally meant one of the Sprint ads hanging in the concourse that has a enormous picture of Russian on it, but I have to tell you, Cat totally laughed at the look on my face. I told her she can’t do that to me anymore – she has to be more specific! I almost ran a city block away from the AAC. I have a strict 45 feet policy. It pretty much entails remaining at least 45 feet from the Russian at all times, which is why it is highly unlikely you will ever see me at a Stars practice. That’s too close, friends.

On the plus side, we had fun. But it also made us love hockey even more, and even with all the stuff that’s happened today, it made us very, very excited for tomorrow night at the AAC for the Stars game. Plus it’s $3 Russian shirt night!


On an administrative note: We put up a poll a while back about attending a Stars game with us Untypical Girls. There was some measure of interest. I know the holidays probably aren’t the best time, but we’re totally trying to work out a date if anyone’s interested. Even if it’s only one person coming, we’d love to have you there!

If you’d like to go to a Stars game with us, drop Caitlin a line at so we can work something out on dates and tickets.

In other news, yes, I know my e-mail address is very stupid, but it works.



  1. Dude. You know I’m going to randomly yell “Caitlin, look! It’s Russian!”

    Just to see what you’ll do. In totally random places, too. Like the mall. Or maybe a gas station. Or better yet, at the Frisco Starcenter if we ever go.

  2. Please don’t do that! It took about three minutes for my blood pressure to go back down to normal.

    I’d like to not live life in stages of utter panic!

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