Posted by: Cat | November 13, 2007

Hull and Jackson Share Interim GM Duties

I didn’t want to post again today, since there’s been a flood of posts already, but you know that we here at Untypical Girls strive to bring you the latest breaking hockey news.

Brett Hull and Les Jackson will be sharing interim GM duties for the duration of the season. Caitlin speculates (and I agree) that they will share duties for the following reasons:
-Jackson will take care of the business side
-Hullie will take care of the players side

At any rate, good luck, Stars. I watched the players reactions to Armstrong’s firing, and it was pretty stunning. They all (with the exception of Marty Turco, who looks angry, and Mike Modano, who looks like he pretty much expected it) seem pretty shocked and saddened by the course of events. Let’s hope it lights a fire under them. I’m hoping that on Wednesday, they’ll be playing like they’re fighting for their jobs, because let’s face it – they might be.



  1. I just watched that video and it is a little heart-wrenching. Especially Morrow and Boucher.

    I think, if it had to be done, and it had to be done this week, that this was a good day. It’s not a game day (remember when they fired Hitch during the pre-game skate?), so they can have another meeting/skate before the next game. Have a chance to get over the shock.

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