Posted by: Jen | November 13, 2007

Bye Armstrong, Hello Jenlo.

I just got a call and have been offered the General Manager job for the Stars.

Not really, but I figured I’d start this entry off with a bang since I’ve posted a whole, what, 3 times?

It is nice to see the organization doing something on whatever has caused our team to start off not at the top of our game. It’s about 2 months into the season (Including preseason, and ya I know preseason ‘doesn’t count’ but whatever.) I have yet to see the same Stars I saw at the end of last season. I know it’s still early, but things should be happening already. Saturday should not have happened. Period. Especially to the Kings. What happened to the team that beat every meeting with the Kings that season?

And while I am sad it had to happen to someone who has been a member of the Stars organization for 17 years and someone who has done well for the team, we all know it was bound to happen. If not this season, some other time because you can’t be a GM forever. Maybe this will whip everyone into shape, make them realize anyone is vulnerable at this point (well, except the obvious few) until something changes.

My love for the Stars is still going strong, even after 10+ years, it’s only grown. I’ve been through the bad times, the good times and all in between and I’ll still be there now. Even though I kinda want to strangle some people, it’s all in love. Really, I try to kill you because I love you.

In better news, I promise a post this week about how awesome Morrow and Conner are. One thing at a time people, one thing at a time. And I figure I’d better do it soon so Cat doesn’t murder me in my sleep.

Since I am now done with my traveling as of last weekend, I will finally have time to start blogging. And if you’re wondering where I was or even wondering who the fuck I am, I am the Jenlo. Yes, I’m that awesome I get a “the” in front of my name.

PS: Stars I love you, but please stop sucking in OT. Thanks.



  1. I’m about ready to murder you in your sleep if you don’t get the Morrownator/Midget post up soon. Actually, no, I think we would have a duel. Water balloons at dawn?

  2. you are THE Jenlo.

    The Jenlo of ROCK.

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