Posted by: Cat | November 11, 2007

Well, that sucked

Stars 5, LA Kings 6.

You know, I always say that the Stars sit too comfortably on a one-goal lead. I feel this is reasonable to say, as a one-goal lead can be very easily broken. However, while you should still be playing to score more goals, a four-goal lead is less easily broken, and therefore it’s easier to sit comfortably on it. From here on out, however, I’m going to say that the Stars should never sit comfortably on any lead, ever.

That was one of the most embarrassing games I’ve ever seen in my life – possibly even worse than getting shut out by Phoenix last week, just because of the massive lead they had. Marty Turco started in net for the fourth time in six days – that was mistake number one, I think. I’m of the opinion that Turco never should have started on Thursday against Phoenix, that backup Mike Smith should have started, which leads me to something I’ve been thinking about:

Smith’s confidence in himself has to be totally shot. He’s played in 5 games so far this season, and the team has lost 3 of them, including that Phoenix disaster. Normally on back-to-backs, Turco will start one, Smith will start the other. Tippett has even said that that’s what they’re going to attempt to do this season, to help Turco out. I’ve heard that Turco asked to play on Thursday, and tonight, but Tip should have just flat out said no on Thursday, despite the fantastic game Marty was coming off of. Meanwhile, poor Mike is sitting there on the bench watching the disaster unfold. I know that’s pretty much what backups do most of the time, but man. Poor guy. If it reassures you, Mike Smith, I still adore you.

Anyway, LA game. I keep switching my train of thought to prevent myself from getting too angry or sad. Marty was well in line for his second shutout of the season. I prevented myself from saying the word “shutout”, as I am a little superstitious, but I admit I thought it – all of you watching did, too, admit it. After seeing goals from the Morrownator, Mike Ribeiro, Midget, and Jeff Halpern in the first two periods, the Stars allowed a power play goal from Kings forward Dustin Brown, with just over seven minutes left in regulation.

That goal, for whatever reason, made the Stars totally collapse (not to mention make the Staples Center get REALLY loud). In the following five minutes, the Kings scored four more times to give them a one-goal lead, when they were down 4-0 at the beginning of the period. Our very own Mr. Mojangles scored with 1:05 remaining to send the game to overtime, but you know the Stars and overtime. Young Kings forward Anze Kopitar (who always looks like he’s wearing eyeliner, for real) scored halfway through the 5-minute overtime to secure 2 points in the Kings log.

“At least the Stars got a point out of it,” you might say. While yes, I am pleased that they got a point, the fact remains that the Kings got two points when they shouldn’t have gotten any at all. The Stars had 16 shots on goal versus the Kings 7 in the first period. After that, they gave up too many scoring opportunities (12-5 in the second, 14-4 in the third, favoring the Kings). I’ve been worried about the Stars SOG since the beginning of the season. I know it’s not my job to worry, as a fan and not a coach, but I can’t help it. When the defensive line is allowing that many shots, and the offense isn’t capitalizing on their own opportunities to steal the puck away, there’s something that needs to be addressed. I’m sure Dave Tippett will address it the second the team gets home and heads to the StarCenter to practice. I’ll be there next week, hopefully, to be a happy, smiling face of a fan that I’m sure the Stars need to see, if the Stars fans I’ve encountered lately are any indication.

I’ve never seen more fairweather fans than in Dallas. I’m one of those people that loves my team, regardless of whether they’re winning or losing. Obviously I prefer it when they win, but fact is, you can’t win every game, and teams have slumps (see: Stars, Dallas, week of October 29-November 2; Cowboys, Dallas, every year since 1995 until now; Mavericks, Dallas, every year ever – talk about blowing the playoffs). When the Stars win, fans are quick to jump on the happy bandwagon (although most of them will usually find something negative to say anyway). When the Stars lose, it’s “I’m not going to any games anymore”, “fire Dave Tippett”, “trade Turco to the Penguins for Malkin or Staal or Crosby” (which, by the way, the Penguins are never going to part with Sidney Crosby, idiots). Sure, I’d be embarrassed if any Stars player ever somehow encountered this tiny space on the web, but at least I’m not a horrendously negative person. They should be at least pleased that there’s a girl out there who will love them and congratulate them for being awesome anyway.

Untypical Girl Caitlin and I will be attending our very first Dallas Mavericks game on Tuesday, against Philadelphia. I’m reasonably excited, but I’m way more excited about $3 Zubov t-shirt night on Wednesday, and Mike Modano Tribute Night on November 21 (not to mention the player yearbooks – I got one last year, and for whatever reason I can’t find it, and that bugs me a lot). Expect a Mavs update, the first in the history of Untypical Girls, on Tuesday night. Last season, I followed the Mavs (I would watch all the games, unless the Stars were playing on the same night), but this season, I haven’t watched a single game. It’s not as interesting as hockey to me.



  1. THANK YOU!!! I am so tired of everyone giving up on them so fast.Yes last night was really really sad, but I still have lots of love for them. Oh, and I will be so excited to see mavs stuff on here as well. Love them too, not as much as the Stars, but still love them.

  2. maranda –

    Yes! Hopefully I will get more free Mavs tickets throughout the season and we can do more Mavs related items, because I pump a lot of money into the Stars.

    It’s like every month they should just direct debit my account, much like my car payment.

  3. Interestingly enough, Anze doesn’t wear eye liner, he just has Uncle Fester eyes.

    I’m not here to gloat (not my style). I actually had a question. If you guys could please be so kind as to read my post on your Mike Smith and let me know your thoughts. Thanks! =)

  4. ckim – check out your entry, I posted a comment.

  5. Cat – Thanks so much for the info. I had a feeling he was a laid back guy. Although he could probably use a haircut from what I saw. haha

  6. Aww, my baby Mike. He doesn’t need a haircut as bad as Brenden Morrow did in the beginning of the season (he’s thankfully cut it since). He wears the crazy hair well, I think.

  7. Sorry I basically said the same thing, didn’t I? I so agree with you, obviously. Why can’t people just enjoy it? People act like we’re the only team that doesn’t win the Cup every year. Sheesh!

    And Mike Smith? He has cut his hair. Last season it was a giant, soft ‘fro. This season much less so. Still wild, but not nearly as much. Isn’t he cute?

  8. Mike is adorable with or without the ‘fro. I kind of miss the ‘fro, really. I look at his yearbook photo from last year and just giggle and grin. God, that guy is so rad.

  9. Oh, I agree with you guys. When I was watching the practice, all I could think was, “Who is that cutie on the ice?!?!” I’m sure if I was up close and personal I’d be all for the hair.

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