Posted by: Caitlin | November 11, 2007

It’s That Time of Year Again!

November 13th marks the start of the NHL All-Star voting. If you would like to view the full ballot for both Eastern and Western Conferences, you can go here to view the complete ballot. Thanks to Going Fivehole for the ballot list in a much more readable format than the NHL website.

Obviously both Crosby, Ovechkin and our very own Mike Modano are shoo-ins, I think. Ideally from the Eastern Conference, I’d like to see Henrik Lundqvist get voted in. I don’t pay as much attention to Eastern Conference teams as I probably should. I try and catch Pittsburgh when they play and they don’t conflict with the Stars, but that’s about it. (Sorry, Eastern Conference).

From the Western Conference, aside from Stars players, it would be nice to see Kiprusoff, Phaneuf, Cheechoo and some others get voted in. We’ll see, though.

Voting ends January 2nd, 2008. This year’s All-Star game is held in Atlanta (I believe they were promised the All-Star game during the lockout year and never got it, so this is the “We’re sorry we screwed you, Atlanta” All-Star game, if memory serves me correctly.)

All in all, it should be a good game this year. I’m still bitter that I missed last year’s ceremonies and game. I seriously doubt I’ll make a trip to Atlanta for this, but that’s why we have television.

We have four Stars players on the ballot this year: Brenden Morrow, Mike Modano, Marty Turco and Sergei Zubov.

I really want all four of them to go. I know I often extol the greatness that is Russian, but I can’t be biased this time. I tried, believe me. All of them deserve to go.

Hopefully, this means we have new All-Star commercials to look forward to seeing! For those of you who haven’t seen last year’s commercials, let’s give you some links:

Vote Zubov!
Vote Morrow!
Vote Modano!
Vote Turco!

Of course, I am biased and I love Russian’s All-Star commercial, but they’re all very funny. As soon as a voting link is up, we’ll post it and let you know.



  1. Although you know how much I love Turco, Zubov’s AllStar commercial is my favorite. “PC Load? What does that means?” ILU RUSSIAN.

  2. I know, right?

    I love that commercial. The first time I saw it, I was like, “They got Russian to speak? On camera? MY GOD!”

    …I really hope he gets to the All-Star Game this year.

    And wins the Norris.

    You know.

  3. You’d think Modano would be a shoo in, but he wasn’t on the team last year.

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