Posted by: Cat | November 10, 2007

Stars 2, Phoenix 5

What is going on with Phoenix this year? I’m not used to them winning games, and it’s making me uncomfortable.

I have to say that I was surprised to see Marty Turco starting in net, immediately after saving 38 of 39 shots in San Jose the night before. Dave Tippett has said that the team has two reliable goalies, and that backup Mike Smith would get more chances to start, particularly in back-to-backs. Let me clarify that I am not placing the entirety of the blame on Turco, although he did make a couple of careless mistakes that may have cost the team the game. Stars captain Brenden Morrow agrees with me:

We have found ways to win lately but we’ve been putting a lot on the goalies’ shoulders. We did that again tonight, but just couldn’t battle back. We just couldn’t find a way to get it done, and it was a sloppy showing by us.

There was a shining point of this game: DefensemanStephane Robidas got his first goal in 92 games. Robidas is a great d-man, but often gets overlooked for more offensive-minded defensemen like Philippe Boucher and Russian. Good on you, Robi! Congratulations.

I’m too lazy for Awesome Moments today…Obviously, considering the game recap is already two days late.

Good luck to the Stars tonight, in their game against the Los Angeles Kings. I was hoping Smith might get the start – I can only imagine that his confidence is shot after being denied a start on Thursday – but according to the Star-Telegram, Turco is getting the start. It’s okay, Mike. I still love you.


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