Posted by: Cat | November 8, 2007

Mike Modano broke it!

Mike Modano not only broke the record for most points scored by an American-born hockey player, but he also broke several sticks. Sadly, one of those times was when he was perfectly in line to score his third goal of the game. The guy hasn’t had a hat trick in over eight years, I wish he could have gotten one tonight. That would have been even more cause for celebration.

Record setting night at the Shark Tank tonight – Mr. Mojangles broke that big ol’ record, and three others (most goals in Stars history – 511; Points – 1233; Short-handed goals – 29). Marty Turco broke the record in the Stars franchise for most assists by a netminder – 12. Jenlo and I were rooting for an empty net goal from Turco:

xcatxstarx: FOR REALS
xcatxstarx: TURCO GOAL

Of course, we would have been equally pleased with an empty net goal from His Mojesty. I feel like that’s obvious, but I need to say it anyway.

At any rate, a stunning performance from Marty Turco tonight between the pipes, saving 38 of 39 shots on goal. It was a confusing game, though, if you just look at the numbers, as Evgeni Nabokov saved 9 of 12.

Wait a second. Only 12 shots on goal? Yeah, that’s right. 12 shots on goal, but the score ended up being 3-1. While I’m uncomfortable with the SOG from the Stars, I really don’t care too much, as the Stars ended up having more points on the board at the end.

Goals were scored by Mr. Mojangles (two from him) and Steve Ott. Russian got a penalty shot, but missed – it’s okay, Russian.

The refs seemed a little whistle-happy on both sides – 10 penalties for the Stars, 5 from the Sharks (3 of which were from Bernier). Whatever, the only time the Sharks scored was on a 4-on-3 powerplay, I’m comfortable enough with that. There was that other questionable goal, but we won’t speak of it, mostly because my DVR did not record the whole game. Stupid DVR.

When Mo scored that first goal, I screamed and got a little misty-eyed. When he scored the second, I was full-on weeping. I might be a tough, cynical, angry Asian girl, but I cry at a lot of stuff. I cried at Mo’s sad interviews, I cried when Mo broke the record. I cried a LOT. I called my dad to tell him about the record, and I think he thought something really bad happened, until I explained to him (through heaving sobs) that Mo had broken a record. And then he just sounded like he thought I was a psychopath.

So here we go, Awesome Moments. Eventually we’ll be adding players, and Caitlin and Jen will write their moments for their other favorites (Mittens and Midget, respectively). Tonight I’m adding Niskanen to my list. The Untypical Girls collectively give Mo an Awesome Moment (two, actually), so that goes without saying.

Awesome Morrow: You totally Morrownated a bunch of people, Morrow, and that was rad.

Awesome Russian: You got your ninth assist of the season! Congratulations, Russian!

Awesome Niskanen: You continue to amaze me in every game, Niskanen, with your awesome play. I’m not sure if it’s being paired with Russian, or what, but Matt Niskanen is going to be one awesome player through the years.

Awesome Turco: Okay. First of all, you saved 38 of 39 shots. Secondly, you are so rad (even though you remind us of Papa John and that makes me want pizza). But most of all? When that dude, I forget who, hit you at the end of the third, you were all like “HEY. LET ME FIGHT. I WANNA FIGHT.” That is the #1 reason why I wish my DVR had worked, because man, I could rewatch that all day long, Turco leaving the net and trying to get in on the scrap.

Side note: I’m watching the postgame show, and they’re replaying the first intermission interview with Modano. It makes me so happy, seeing such a change. Last week, he couldn’t look at the camera or the interviewers, and just looked and sounded like he wanted to go home and cry. Tonight, his eyes are sparkling, his voice is happier, and he just overall looks great. Thanks for making me cry again, Mo.

I’m a little nervous about tomorrow’s game, I’ll admit, because Phoenix beat the Stars 5-0 on Friday night, and then they beat Anaheim 6-5 tonight. Here’s hoping the Stars get their revenge on the dogs.

Tonight’s game brings the Stars to first place in the Pacific Division, and third place in the Western Conference.



  1. Mo is so great. I think that’s so sweet that it made you cry. I didn’t full-out sob, but a couple of tears did escape.

    Then the Phoenix game. Gah.

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