Posted by: Cat | November 5, 2007

Stars severely punish the Ducks

I wouldn’t say it earlier, because I thought it, but SHUTOUT. I thought it this morning, for whatever reason, when I woke up, that the Stars would win, and not just win, but shut the Ducks out. Obviously I wouldn’t say it, but I can now, and I will. Repeatedly. SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT.

The game was very well-played by the Stars. Obviously, they didn’t want to lose this one, after a 3 home game losing streak, and it showed. They all had the drive and that hunger to win that you need to win a game. Marty Turco started in net, and gave an amazing performance. He looked more like the Marty Turco of old, and less like the Marty Turco that sucked last week. Thank you, Marty. Congrats on your 31st career shutout, too, by the way.

Goals were scored by Mike Ribeiro (does that surprise anyone?), Jussi Jokinen, Brenden Morrow, Jere Lehtinen, and everyone’s favorite tiny hockey player, Chris Conner. Let’s see who gets sent back to minors NOW, huh?

Everyone looked better tonight than last week. A lot of people criticized Tippett’s method of practice on Saturday, what with the fun to be had, and the joking, and Mike Smith defeating Russian in what I am sure was a hardcore game of pingpong, while wearing nothing but a jockstrap and knee-high black socks. Honestly, though, as soon as I read that article (after I picked my jaw up off the ground at that mental image), I found that I agreed with the fun. The whole week was suck-tastic for the boys, and I think they needed to let loose, rather than do drills until they puked. They obviously knew that they didn’t play to their full potential last week, and they would fix it, but not before having at least a couple of hours of fun and laughter.

The only downside to this game is that poor Mr. Mojangles didn’t get any points. I’m sure it will be hard to be sad about that, though, coming off of a great shutout victory. We all know, and I’m sure the players know, that the stupid record will be broken soon enough. Hopefully they’ve realized that their game was being affected by the knowledge of the record being so close to broken, and they just decided to play hockey and win games, and eventually the record will be broken. Keep it going, guys. I don’t care if Modano doesn’t break the record until Christmas, as long as the team keeps winning games.

Assists tonight went to Lehtinen and Russian for Ribeiro’s goal, youngster Matt Niskanen and Turco on Jokinen’s goal (I love goalie assists), Lehtinen and Ribeiro on the Morrownator’s goal, Ribeiro and Russian on Lehtinen’s goal, and Jokinen and Russian on Midget’s goal. Count that up, guys.

Awesome Russian: Three assists, go you! I hope the defensive pairing of Russian and Niskanen stays forever, because it’s my favorite thing in the world right now.

Awesome Morrownator: GREAT game played by you, Morrownator. A bajillion hits, a goal? Brilliant, my friend, brilliant.

Awesome Turco: NO WORDS FOR HOW AWESOME YOU WERE IN THIS GAME, MARTY. There was only one shot that I saw that even had a chance of going in, and it was lucky that it didn’t, honestly. I saw that, and I knew this would be a win. Shutout victory!

Tune in on Wednesday night when the Stars battle the Sharks. 9:30pm Central time, on FSN Southwest. I’m thinking of liveblogging this one, but I’m unsure. I will let you know when a liveblogging will take place, though. Another idea I had was to have an AIM chat, with me, Caitlin, and Jenlo, and just post snippets from the chat. It would probably be really hysterical, but also vulgar, so I don’t know about that one either.



  1. I was so very proud of Russian. Four gold stars and a bottle of Stoli for you, Russian! Every game he finds some new way to amaze me.

    The whole team looked better. Everyone looked awesome! I was so proud of them all! I knew you guys could do it!

    The only downside to this game was that Mittens got scratched, but I feel that Wednesday night is totally Mittens night.

  2. It would probably be really hysterical, but also vulgar, so I don’t know about that one either.

    I do! It would be awesome!

  3. I agree about Mo. He played a really good game, so I’m not worried about whether he gets points. He was stealing a lot of pucks.

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