Posted by: Cat | November 3, 2007

Hugs all around

Oh man, you guys. That was the hardest game I’ve ever had to watch. Ever. So this is going to be short, as I’ve needed a few hours to process my grief, and I just wanted to write quickly and give my frank and concise opinion, without worrying about bursting into tears (although to be honest, I’m still a little worried I’ll do that).

This game was so disappointing from the defense and goalies, which are supposed to be the two most awesome things for the Stars. Phoenix scored twice in the first period, within two minutes of each other, prompting Dave Tippett to pull starting goalie Mike Smith and put Marty Turco in. The other three Untypical Girls were watching something else, but you all know my goalie love, so my eyes were on Smith as he headed to the bench as Turco prepped to enter the game. Smith was very, very visibly upset (and upon watching the game in fast-forward on DVR, it’s even more obvious how upset he was) – he slammed his stick into the player’s bench before climbing in. When he removed his mask and sat down, I’m pretty sure I saw him yell an obscenity – it’s understandable, Mike.

The Stars failed to score, and both Smith and Turco faltered as well, allowing three more goals. Let me emphasize this: the Stars lost to Phoenix, who are arguably one of the worst teams in the NHL. Like, couldn’t they have lost against someone good? Come on.

There were a few things that were either good or cool. I do think that Miettinen has looked much better lately, following through on checks and hustling. Midget was awesome, he actually tried, which was nice. Russian was surprisingly not very noticeable. Ott was great, I’ll admit that I loved when he got a game misconduct with, like, 10 seconds left in the game. Michalek hit Ott, and it looked like Ott hurt his hand or something. At that point, Ott was so angry, he was just going after anyone wearing maroon. He checked…Someone (I forget who) into the boards, HARD, and then immediately went after Tjarnqvist, for no reason other than he was the first to skate close enough for Ott to grab him. You go, Otter. When you have nothing left to lose, then go all out.

Watching it again at home was heartbreaking. The advantage to going to games is that you’re so far away you can’t see the players’ faces. On TV, they show them up close. Mostly, players just looked angry. Mike Smith looked blank and angry. The only time he showed emotion, really, was when he yelled an obscenity upon being benched. The rest of the time, he stared forward – I don’t even know if he was watching the game.

The real heartbreaking moment for the Untypical Girls, though, was seeing Mike Modano on the bench, late in the third period, when it was obvious that the Stars would not be coming back to win. He looked like he was about to cry. Granted, I’ve only met Mr. Modano once or twice, and I didn’t exactly spend too much time talking to him, but I can only imagine how he feels. The Stars have lost all three games this week, all home games. After Wednesday night’s point blunder, I’m sure he just wanted the whole record-breaking to be over with tonight, and to know that odds are he’ll break this record on the road? That must suck.

So, Dallas Stars, if any of you need a hug, the Untypical Girls are here. I want to give them all hugs (except Loui Eriksson, who has lost the Swedish Fish nickname because he is significantly not awesome). I don’t want to know what they’re all thinking tonight. I’m not going to do Awesome Moments tonight – it just won’t work.



  1. With just a couple of minutes left in the game, they had a closeup of Mo on the bench that they just wouldn’t let go of. Poor Mo knew the camera was on him and looked at it twice. The second time he just shook his head and I imagine he was thinking, “Bastards.”

    I was yelling at the TV to leave the poor guy alone!

  2. Patty – I know, right?! It was so awful. Although at the very end of the game, when they play random clips and highlights from before and during the game, they showed Russian laughing, and it made us all really, really happy.

    …Also, the shots of SuperHotAngrySmitty made me really happy.

  3. […] Smitty has the odd game here or there when he doesn’t play so well (see: Phoenix, November 2), but he’s a solid backup for Marty Turco, and will make a really great starting goalie […]

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