Posted by: Cat | October 31, 2007

I want to give Mike Modano a hug

I know that I make fun of him a lot, but I do know that Mike Modano is a great hockey player – he wouldn’t be playing if he wasn’t. Modano is the face of the Dallas Stars, and he’s loyal – he’s never played for another team in his entire career. He’s a great player, and I’m sure he’s a stand-up dude, too. All of that makes what happened tonight that much worse.

All through the third period, the Stars rallied to tie the game, 3-3. Halfway through the period, Russian let loose a wrist shot to give the Stars the lead. The assists, at the time, were credited to Mike Ribeiro and Modano. I was at the game, and so I didn’t know this until I got home and watched my DVR of the game and post-game show, but Modano didn’t touch the puck. I did think it was odd that Modano wouldn’t stand up and take credit for tying Phil Housley’s record, and that he looked so annoyed/sad, when I was at the game, and now I know why. Obviously the point will not stand, which leaves Modano to attempt to tie or break the record on Friday at home against Phoenix. They interviewed Modano on the post-game show, and the Untypical Girls all almost started crying, because he looked so sad. We all exclaimed that we wanted to give the poor guy a hug and reassure him that he’s still great, and that we want it over with too, but we still love him.

Oh, other stuff that happened in the game. Yeah.

Ribeiro scored in the first, only to have the game tied three minutes later with a goal from Jonathan Toews. We went into the second period still tied, only to have the Blackhawks score two more times (once from James Wisniewski, and once from Patrick Kane). It was at that point that head coach of the Stars, Dave Tippett, decided to pull Marty Turco out of the net, and bring in Mike Smith. I understand his decision – Turco was letting in goals that he should have stopped, and Tippett needed to light a fire under the team to get them to keep on keepin’ on.

The Stars indeed did keep on, with a pretty goal from Philippe Boucher and a short-handed goal from this season’s scoring master, Niklas Hagman. Smith made some great saves to keep the tie, including one play where he came far out from the net, almost to the blue line, and fell to his knees passing the puck to…Someone (I’ll have to re-watch it). Let me just say that I am obviously biased towards him, as he is a goalie, but man, that was an awesome play. But please don’t do it again, because it makes me very, very nervous when goalies leave their net.

As previously mentioned, halfway through the third, Russian scored a goal, and we all knew that as long as the Stars defense and goalie would keep it up, the game would be won. Sadly, two minutes after Russian’s goal, Jason Williams scored to tie it up. This would have been fine with me, as overtime is better than losing, and a shootout is even better, because the Stars RULE at the shootout. Sadly, with less than 30 seconds left on the clock, Smith let in another goal from Williams. The Stars called a time-out, and I couldn’t help but notice Smith visibly upset at himself, hitting the boards with his stick when he reached the bench.

I’m happy to say that the Stars actually tried, even with only 30 seconds left on the clock. Sadly, they were denied the opportunity for a win. All I’ve got to say is that I hope to high heaven that they win on Friday, because I would hate to come away from this week thinking that every game I attended, they lost. Because that would suck, super hard.

So good luck, Mr. Modano. The Untypical Girls will be in 328 on Friday, cheering you on.


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