Posted by: Cat | October 29, 2007

Totally Disappointing Loss to Sharks

4-2. 4-2, people, and at the beginning of the 3rd, the Stars were up 2-1. Normally I would tell them to stop sitting comfortably on one-goal leads, but they weren’t – I could see that they were trying to score AND defending, rather than just playing defensively.

The first goal of the night was scored by Mike Ribeiro (who, while I might not really like him, I will admit is a good player). Assists went to Philippe Boucher and Mike Modano (which puts Modano only two points away from breaking Phil Housley’s record). Two minutes after Ribeiro’s goal, the Sharks scored to tie the game. With three of the Stars fighters (Krys Barch, Brad Winchester, and Steve Ott) as healthy scratches, someone had to step up to fight, and that person was the one and only Morrownator. Good job, Brenden! He clearly won this kerfluffle, pinning the guy quickly.

The second period brought my favorite moment of the game, which was Matt Niskanen’s first NHL goal! Niskanen was paired with Russian, and it seemed to be a good pairing. Even Dave Tippett said that Niskanen and Zubov were the two defenders who played best in the third period. This excites me, because I am so looking forward to seeing Niskanen develop into a great, great player. There was a tremendous amount of cheering for Little Niskanen, and I hoped that he would have cause to celebrate tonight, but apparently, he’s in no mood – a failed attempt to clear the puck late in the third went to Steve Bernier, who shot it right into the net. It’s not all your fault, Niskanen, and Tippett agrees with me – he pins the blame on Turco, which I have to agree with, as much as it pains me. At that point in the game, the goalie should be paying extra, extra close attention, and Turco seemed to be out of it, or something, late in the third, allowing the Sharks to score two goals in less than thirty seconds. Come on, Turco, what’s going on? I’m just going to say that he was exhausted from being great in the first two periods.

The Sharks have now edged to first place in the Pacific division, with 13 points. The Stars have 12 points, and are 5-4-2 thus far. As long as they don’t allow anything insane from Jonathan Toews on Wednesday night, and secure a win, and win against Phoenix on Friday, I’ll be pleased. Also, as long as Mike Modano breaks the record this week, I’ll be happy. I’m kind of poor, Mr. Modano. Please break the record so I can take a break from going to games, because seriously? I really can’t afford it.

Awesome Morrow: Thanks for fighting, Brenden! It makes me really happy to see you fight, assuming you don’t get hurt and you don’t look like a wuss, and you did neither of those things, so you rule.

Awesome Russian: Like I said, I want to see Niskanen learn great things from you. You and he were definitely the best defensemen on the ice tonight, and that pleases me greatly.

Awesome Turco: …Well, you were good in the first and second, at least.



  1. I tried to send a shout out to you girls on the jumbotron, but they never put up the messages I sent.

    I’m irked they lost, but I’m extra-relieved that Roenick didn’t score.

  2. Aww! We were reading the shoutouts, too, hee. Sucks that they played marriage proposals more than once, but didn’t show your messages!

    SO glad Roenick didn’t score, that would have made the night about 50 times worse.

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