Posted by: Caitlin | October 28, 2007

We Like You Too: Philippe Boucher

I have to confess that sometimes we here at Untypical Girls obviously get wrapped up in our own individual player love, between Russian and Morrownator and well, the goalies, and sometimes it makes me sad because there’s other guys out there who are awesome. And while #56, 41, 10, and 35 are awesome, they’re not a team all by themselves.

Enter my second favorite player on the Stars, one Mr. Philippe Boucher! Or as we like to call him, Bouche. Mainly because apparently his first name is pronoucned PHIL-ip, and not phil-LEAP, like you would assume. Nine years of French instruction have taught me how that name is pronounced, but no! Bouche fakes me out. Bouche is awesome because he checks people an awful lot, plays as an offensive defenseman, and generally is a pretty solid player. He had 19 goals and 32 assists last season, and he even got a hat trick against the Kings last season! When Russian comes off the ice at line change, Bouche is the first person Untypical Girl Caitlin looks for.

But there’s other things we love about Bouche too. I think we here at UG like to look at the lighter side of hockey, the side that is not all OMG SERIOUS BUSINESS and is fun and light-hearted.

First of all, Bouche is a really nice guy, at least from the two minutes I spent with him at the Ice Breaker this year. Plus, he’s French-Canadian, which is always awesome. And one of the weirdest things I love about Bouche? He has the same face in a lot of pictures. It is what I have dubbed the “WHUT?” face. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present Exhibit A:

It’s okay, Bouche. The period’s almost over, and then you can go have a cigarette with Russian in the hallway.

It’s not the greatest example, but it’ll do. He looks so confused sometimes. I’m not sure what it is. But it makes me heart him a whole bunch – mainly for the fact that I am terribly not photogenic and while Bouche always looks, well, nice, I too know the pain of having multiple pictures snapped of you while you’re looking semi-lost.

Also, there are teams that make me fill with loathing at the mere sight of the logo or the team’s name. Like the Red Wings (Exception: Exhibit 2, Chris Chelios. I forgive you. For the Blackhawks, too). The Sabres. THE RANGERS. (Only Russian could make me appreciate the NY Rangers). Bouche played for the Sabres and I still love him. Normally, people who have played for those teams make me break out into hives. It’s not their fault, really, but ask anyone I know and they will tell you that yes, I know Brett Hull won two Stanley Cups, but I just “have a momentary blackout” that it was with the Red Wings.

Bouche is, also in my humble opinion, the best dressed of all of the Dallas Stars. He rocks a suit like none other and always looks put together. Let me tell you, after years of watching Brett Hull dress himself, it’s refreshing. Also, Russian could be a contender in that best-dressed category, but I think only ten people ever have seen what Russian looks like when he’s not in hockey gear, so he gets DQ’d (and I’m pretty sure he’s okay with that).

Bouche also does a charity golf tournament every year for underprivileged children. Say it with me – awwwwww.

So, it’s time to give a little love to Philippe Boucher for being a rockin’ human being and a great hockey player.

Whenever times are bad and we’re losing games – it’s okay, Bouche. We like you too.



  1. Philippe needs to wear more pinstripes, I think. And big sunglasses. That would be pretty awesome.

  2. He really works the cheekbones, doesn’t he? I love Boucher so much. When I get a kitty soon, it’ll be named Boucher, no matter what its personality turns out to be.

    I’ve shaken his hand a couple of times after practice and he really is very nice.

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