Posted by: Cat | October 27, 2007

Another road win

Thank you, Dallas Stars, for hooking us up with another road win. Thank you, Phoenix Coyotes, for totally not being awesome.

I missed the first four or so minutes, but I did manage to see the really awesome parts – Mike Modano’s goal and assist (let me tell you, I’m really stoked to be going to all three games next week, because I get the feeling I’ll be able to witness history being made), Mike Smith’s totally awesome saves (there were several), Niklas Hagman’s shorthanded goal, and Ribeiro’s goal that pretty much secured the win.

SADLY, I TOTALLY MISSED RUSSIAN’S GOAL, but thankfully they played it in replays and highlights. Also, I DVR-ed it, so it doesn’t even matter that I wasn’t home to watch it. I won’t be deleting that game for awhile, I’ll tell you.

Awesome Morrow: Again, thank you for setting up some great goals for us, including Modano’s second goal of the season. Let me tell you, Brenden Morrow is a totally incredible player. He definitely hasn’t fouled up since that overtime fluke at the Calgary game on October 12. GOOD JOB, BRENDEN.

Awesome Russian: Like it even needs to be said. I heart you so much, Russian.

Awesome Smitty: DEAR GOD, YOU ARE SO AWESOME. I don’t even care that you let in three goals (I was praying for a shutout), but man, every time I see you play, I get so happy. I think Mike Smith has the potential to be a great, great goalie in this here NHL, and I want to see that happen so badly. You’re amazing, Smitty, and made some totally awesome saves despite the three you let in.

I’m psyched for next week’s games. I could be present to witness history. My friend Jessie was present for Modano’s 500th career goal, and I was so, so jealous. Hopefully I’ll get to see this record be broken. Also, hopefully it WILL happen this week at home, because hitting 503 in Nashville SUCKED. I hate Nashville fans. Ugh.



  1. I’m starting to worry now that the games might sell out this week. Should I call in for tickets instead of getting them at the door? It surely would be exciting to see Mo break the record. I was there when he became the Stars highest scorer several years ago. He got an ovation that had to be two minutes long, then they showed him on the bench on the jumbotron and he was crying. So great.

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