Posted by: Cat | October 25, 2007

Kings break a 9-game losing streak against Stars

Dear NHL Referees,
How can you penalize really wack calls against the Stars while watching the Kings repeatedly hook, trip, and hold, without blowing your whistle once? I mean, seriously guys. I am pretty sure that I saw several penalties from the Kings that went un-called (yes, I may have had some Stolichnaya, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a penalty when I see one). I don’t even care that in the end, the Kings had more penalties than the Stars. I SAW MORE, and want to know why you didn’t call them.

I hope you’re ashamed of yourselves.

Stars lose to the Kings, 2-1, for the first time in 10 games. I don’t entirely fault the Stars (although someone please let Mike Modano know that the season has indeed started), although I’m not going to be that irritating Stars fan (I know you know at least one) who thinks that the Stars walk on water. There was a bit of sloppy play from some players (HELLO MIKE MODANO, I AM LOOKING AT YOU), but I’m almost certain that if the refs had actually called the things they should have called, the team would have won…Although, thinking about it, the Stars were 0-4 on the powerplay as it was.

Tonight’s game, and the next two, are the most important as of right now, against division rivals. The Stars are now 4-3-2 for the season. Kings are 5-6-0, and the division leader, the San Jose Sharks, are 5-3-1. Assuming the Stars win against both Phoenix and San Jose (which, we can all pray, right?), that will bring the Stars to 6-3-2. The Sharks play the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets before Monday’s game here in Dallas – I have faith that the Red Wings, at least, can take them down. Coyotes…Well, usually I’d write them off as an easy win, but they DID just shut out Anaheim tonight, 1-0 (but I do need to add that they’re still 3-5-0).

It kind of seems that Anaheim has a bit of playoff hangover, doesn’t it? They’re not playing horribly, but normally they’d at least pose a challenge to the Stars, who seemed to easily defeat them last Saturday night. Perhaps it’s the loss of Niedermayer and Selanne that’s hurting them instead. Whatever it is, I hope it keeps up – I’m ready for another decent playoff run for my home team.

Speaking of playoffs, let me just say how ready I am for the Stars to win another Stanley Cup. I know, I know, everyone hopes for a Cup win for their favorite team, but man, I was watching some YouTube videos from the Stanley Cup Finals in ’99, and when I saw that game-winning goal from Brett Hull (again), I got tears in my eyes. I suspect that all of the Untypical Girls staff would be openly weeping, whether at our houses or at the game where the Cup would be won, if the Stars won another Cup. I’m so ready. SO READY, YOU GUYS. So Stars? Don’t let me down in the first round, okay?

And, for good measure (because there needs to be a little light in everyone’s hearts reminding them of the awesomeness of some of these players):

Awesome Morrow: You set up a very pretty goal in the first period for Lehtinen, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that. Also, this Morrow-Ribeiro-Lehtinen line? I’m really diggin’ it. Also, congratulations on playing in your 500th NHL game!

Awesome Russian: Without a doubt, Russian, you were one of the best players on the ice this evening, if not THE best. There were moments when I was terrified that the Kings would score a goal (namely, that one shot in the 3rd period where Marty was far out of his net and you stopped the shot yourself), and you never let me down. Thank you, Russian!

Awesome Turco: Amazing. Absolutely amazing, my dear Marty. You win First Star of the game for me tonight, despite allowing two goals past you. That one time (I’ll have to rewatch it, I don’t even remember what period it was in), when you had to make 3 saves in about 2 seconds, and you DID it? Amazing.

EDIT: I have come to realize that I am worried about Krys Barch and Loui Eriksson. Barchie has been a healthy scratch in 7 of 9 games, Eriksson in 6 of 9 (Barch played against Nashville and Chicago, while Eriksson played against Colorado, Chicago, and Columbus). Now, I know they’re good players – they were both with the Stars last season, and I go to practices and see them, and they’re fantastic. So why the consistent scratching of these two players who could a) use the ice time, and b) actually score us some goals, when you have players on the ice who do neither of those things (I’m looking at you, Fedoruk)? Just a question to ponder, I guess.


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