Posted by: Cat | October 21, 2007

Stars go Duck hunting

SHUT UP. I LIKE CHEESY PUNS OKAY? Besides, they kept mentioning Duck season at the game, so really, I’m just going off of the Stars marketing department.

I attended this game with Jenlo and Caitlin, my fellow Untypical Girls, and Caitlin’s younger sister. It was totally awesome, for real. Caitlin’s sister knew next to nothing about hockey, besides the fact that there are fights (which seems to be the main thing people know about hockey down here). They didn’t deliver quite the same as back in 1998, but at least they won.

This won’t be as good as my last game recap, mostly because I am so very tired. So let’s make it short – Stars win it, 3-1. The Stars are starting to look better on the ice. Blah blah blah, who cares, the Stars won. Let’s move on.

Awesome Morrow: Thanks for scoring the first goal of the game, Brenden! We really appreciate it.

Awesome Russian: Whatever, you are ALWAYS AWESOME. I am sad because I missed the “60 Seconds with Sergei Zubov” that they played during a TV timeout, because the people at the AAC take forever to make pretzels and get me a beer. THANKS, AAC FOOD PEOPLE.

Awesome Turco (since Smitty didn’t play): Saved 20 of 21, good job buddy! Also, you are awesome. Thanks!



  1. I just really liked that they put footage from the old Duck Hunt game up on the Jumbotron!

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