Posted by: Caitlin | October 21, 2007

From Russia With Love: The Saga Continues

Oh my goodness.

Well, apparently Russian is much more popular with people here than I previously thought! Kudos to the girl the Untypical Girls saw at the game wearing an HC CSKA Zubov jersey, which by the way, I totally want for Christmas if anyone is feeling remotely generous. (Or CSKA merch in general, with brownie points going for Zubov merchandise).

The Stars beat Anaheim, 3-1, which was awesome and a great first game for my younger sister to go see, which was nice. We were all enjoying the second period, and a few minutes before the period ended, Cat and my sister got up to go get food, and I stay with the Jenlo of Rock.

And what happens?

60 Seconds with Sergei Zubov on the Jumbotron! (Cat is still totally pissed that she missed it.)

Now, you could tell that Russian really was not wanting to do this. For those of you who don’t know, “60 Seconds with [Insert Player Name Here]” is a segment where Ralph Strangis asks questions of a player along the lines of “Pepsi or Coke?” for a full minute. Normally the players run through them, but no, not Russian! Russian took his good sweet time.

Undoubtedly someone contacted Russian in his Siberian bunker and then had to drag a bottle of Stolichnaya on a string to the camera to get him there*, but they did get him there. He answered some minor questions, all with a look on his face of “Do I really have to do this?” Yes, Russian, you did. It was imperative that Dallas Stars fans know that one of your favorite movies of all time is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!

But it was still Russian. And it was 4x more time than I asked Baby Hockey Jesus for. So I am satisfied. You have to understand, I constantly have to point to the top or bottom corner of a frame on TV and say, “Oh look, there’s Russian.” If Jenlo or Cat want to see Smith or Morrow(nator) they have a wide variety of options to do so, but for the small contingent of Russian loving fans out there, we get very little in the way of opportunties to hear Russian speak…or be on film, in general.

So, to whoever arranged this, thank you so much. I won’t be greedy and ask for more, I’ll just be satisfied. But I’ll still be extolling how awesome Russian is, as he deserves a little more attention. He played a good, solid game against Anaheim, and looked rockin’ as always.

And thanks, Russian, for doing something I am positive you probably hated. We appreciate it!

*Note: Untypical Girls do make jokes about Russian being, well, Russian, but they are intended in good fun. I do not mean to imply that Russian is an alcoholic, fan of vodka, Communist or any other sort of “stereotypical” Russian image. Honestly, it’s all just in fun. And you could probably draw out Untypical Girl Caitlin from hiding with a bottle of Stolichnaya on a string, and she has no Russian ancestry whatsoever.



  1. And you could probably draw out Untypical Girl Caitlin from hiding with a bottle of Stolichnaya on a string, and she has no Russian ancestry whatsoever.

    Whatever man, I too would be easily drawn out with a bottle of Stolichnaya.

    Also, I totally want a CSKA jersey, but I’m not going to horn in on your Russian.

  2. You can horn in on Russian, it’s all good!

    Man, that sounds kind of dirty.

    You too can have a CSKA jersey! It’s all good!

  3. So that’s how I can draw you out of the house…

    Beware the floating Stoli and Jameson bottles Caitlin!

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