Posted by: Jen | October 18, 2007

So it seems I have been missing a lot

This would be Jen, the Untypical Girl who has been MIA since the blog practically started. I’ve actually hardly been home since the end of September traveling the country following a band on tour.

I’ve missed pretty much all but 3 Stars games so far this season and have 2 more I’m going to miss between now and November. It sucks that I’m missing games, but what I’m missing them for has proven to be worth it so far.

I was pleasently surprised to hear from Cat when I was in St Louis, though, about Brenden Morrow cutting his hair. It’s better, not as good as it was when we first signed him but close.

I also had a dream about Midget last night while sleeping in my car a rest stop in Alabama (Midget being Chris Conner, now of the Iowa Stars.) Much love for the Midget and dreams where you get to make out with hot hockey players.

This post really has no point other than to tell you I’m not dead.



  1. Oh, Jen. We’ve missed you around these parts!!

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