Posted by: Cat | October 17, 2007

First Stars shootout win of the season

Jussi Jokinen scored the only shootout goal, as well as the first goal from the Stars in the game, making this the Stars first road win of the season.

Rick Nash scored the first goal of the game, about two minutes in. Two minutes later, Jokinen scored, tying the game 1-1.

The second period was mostly spent getting penalties – four each, including one from Russian for roughing (but I’ll get to that). Brad Winchester fought (does that surprise anyone?) with Jared Boll (who had gotten an interference call 39 seconds in), and poor Brenden Morrow just looked angry at himself for getting a hooking call about halfway through the period. However, even with all these penalties, the period remained scoreless.

Jiri Novotny scored about halfway through the third period, taking a 2-1 Columbus lead. The Stars tried mighty hard to tie that game up, outshooting Columbus 15-5 in the third period, and about two seconds after Mike Smith went to the Dallas bench, Morrow scored to tie the game with less than 2 minutes remaining.

Overtime was my time to leap out of my chair a lot, scream, jump up and down, and make half-moon marks in my palms from my fingernails. I’m sure my neighbors were wondering why I was shouting “GO! NO! BAD! YES! GET IT! SHOOT!”, but they’ll just have to deal with having a pretty odd girl as their neighbor. Overtime, still scoreless, headed to the shootout.

The lineup for Dallas was Russian, Jokinen, Mike Ribeiro. The Blue Jackets went with Vyborny, Chimera, and Nash. The lone shootout goal was scored by Jokinen, as previously mentioned, and thanks to great saves by “Stonewall Smitty” (thanks, FSN Stars Live, for the laugh on that one), the Stars win.

I now bring you a new feature of Stars game recaps – “Awesome ____”. As Caitlin mentioned in From Russia With Love, she will post something about how awesome Russian is. I’ve decided to run with this idea, featuring the Untypical Girls’ favorite players. I’m sure Caitlin and Jenlo will contribute theirs in the comments, but I’m going to go ahead and give Awesome Moments to each dude.

Awesome Morrow: Thank you, Brenden, for scoring the goal that sent the team to overtime, ultimately leading to the shootout win. I’ve almost forgiven you for that Calgary mishap. You played well tonight, Morrow, if my words mean anything to you.

Awesome Russian: Thank you, Russian, for being awesome and putting Jared Boll in a headlock for messing with Mike Smith. It is rare that we see you get roughing penalties, but when we do, it’s always worth it.

Awesome Smitty: Thank you, Smitty, for being such an awesome goalie. You had something to prove, I’ll admit – 4.00 GAA? I know you played in only one game so far this season, but so did Toblerone, and he had 1.73 GAA or something. But man, you didn’t let anything past you if you could help it. You finished with 33 saves, and helped the Stars win it. You were totally robbed of First Star of the Game, too. What did Rick Nash do, besides piss me off? NOTHING. You’ll always be the First Star to me, Smitty.

Stars vs. Anaheim on Saturday night. The Untypical Girls will be attending the game, along with Caitlin’s little sister. We’ll document it in photos for you. I guarantee it will be fun, entertaining, and probably insane.

P.S. I’m pretty sure Smith was shirtless when they were interviewing him in the locker room. The camera really should have panned down. I’m just asking for some shirtless hockey player, is that so much to ask?



  1. I have yet to see the Russian headlock, but I know he played well. Good job on the shootout, Russian, even though you were denied!

    I also never thought I’d say this, but thank you as well, Russian, for getting a roughing call against you.

  2. That headlock was great. It looked like he was taking a swing at the guy’s head then just reached around him and dragged him down.

    I so love Zubov!

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