Posted by: Cat | October 14, 2007

Stars update

So I was going to live blog during the Cowboys/Patriots game, but decided against it when I didn’t even get home until the first quarter was almost over. I might live blog during the second half, but I also might fall asleep on my keyboard. So I really have to weigh it.

Instead, I’ll write a quick update about the Stars. The Stars lost against Calgary on Friday in overtime, 3-2, and another overtime loss to Chicago Saturday night, 2-1.

Honestly, there isn’t much I can say about this team that I haven’t already said in previous entries. I think it’s time Tippett let some younger players on the ice, players who are hungry to prove themselves. As of right now, players like Modano are, let’s face it, in the twilight of their career. Said veterans are really the ones that I’ve noticed are not playing as fiercely as the younger guys. As of right now, Niklas Hagman has scored the most goals for us, six games in. It took Mike Modano four full games to play well enough to score a goal in the fifth. Joel Lundqvist has scored two goals this season, along with Brenden Morrow – speaking of Morrow.

Dear Brenden Morrow,
While we appreciate that you cut your hair, because you are no longer a terror to look at, we do not love your horrible, horrible mistake in the Calgary game on Friday night. I could not believe my eyes. I was sitting in 303, and was screaming my head off while watching it happen. I’m pretty sure I burst several peoples’ eardrums. Upon watching it again on my DVR (because I DVR games if I’m at the game, so I can watch things as much as I want), I am so, so disappointed in you. It’s not all your fault, of course – Boucher could have been there to get the puck, Turco could have stopped the shot – but it all stems from you. I do forgive you, naturally – how could I not? – this is just a friendly reminder to not let it happen again.

Any regular reader knows how I feel about goalies, so I’ll talk about rookie Tobias Stephan. WHAT A GREAT JOB, STEPHAN. I am seriously so proud of him. At training camp, practices, and warmups, I often thought, “God, I hope he never has to be in net for us.” I’m hitting myself for it now, I promise. With one game, he has a .950 save percentage, with 1.97 goals-against-average. Trust me when I say that I was rooting for a shutout for you, Tobias. I no longer doubt you (although honestly, it’ll take a couple more games for me to fully trust you in net), but I am so proud that we have a reliable backup-backup goalie. I watched those last two Chicago goals about ten times each (thanks, DVR!), and I’m fairly convinced that neither Turco nor Smith could have stopped them.

So, in conclusion – I love goalies (and it sucks when they’re injured – get well soon, Smith! You too, Turco! You played well through the whole Calgary game despite the leg stiffness!), and I’m still a little upset with Brenden Morrow. I’m also really upset with Mike Modano and Dave Tippett. COME ON, GUYS. PLEASE WIN GAMES.

Let me also say that despite the fact that we are 2-2-2, we are still number one in the Pacific and third in the Western Conference.

There are about 2 minutes left in the first half of the Cowboys game, and the score is 21-10 Patriots. DALLAS. SHAPE UP. BE 6-0, PLEASE.



  1. Dear Baby Hockey Jesus,

    Let things get better on the Stars. I really hate losing to the dreaded Blackhawks.

    PLEASE. INTERVENE. I know you have listened to me before, Baby Hockey Jesus, as I am noticing Modano’s hair is becoming less and less mojestic as time goes on. Thank you for separating him from the home highlighting kit.


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