Posted by: Cat | October 10, 2007

Wednesday’s a Good Night

The Stars defeated the LA Kings tonight, 5-1. It was so close to a shutout, but Kyle Calder managed to get one past Turco, after Turco had saved a shot from Raitis Ivanans. The real star of this game was Niklas Hagman. There was a spot in the 3rd period where it looked like Hagman was going to get his hat trick, but LaBarbera stopped him. Also, Miettinen scored a goal. Untypical Girl Caitlin predicted to me, in an email earlier today, that Miettinen would score a goal, and I laughed at her. I’m sorry, but Miettinen? Goal-scoring? Yeah, right. So, a public apology to Caitlin, and a smack on the hand for me.

After seeing Turco’s performance in Nashville on Saturday night, it was really refreshing to see this game. He made important saves, and great saves, throughout the whole game. Let me tell you, it is so awesome to be in the American Airlines Center and hear “MAR-TY! MAR-TY! MAR-TY!” again. Possibly one of the most memorable moments for me, from the 06-07 season, was in the playoffs. I went to all the home playoff games, and all of the official watching parties for the away games. Every single game the Stars won, there was an unbelievable amount of cheering for Marty Turco.

Mike Smith is day-to-day, with a bruised arm from Tuesday’s practice. There are a couple of stories going around as to how he got said bruise. The first that I heard was that he got nailed really hard with a puck, which is plausible and not very interesting. The second I heard was that Smith and Jeff Halpern were playing the rebound game, and it got a little competitive. Halpern accidentally slashed Smith in the arm, which led to a war of the words that got pretty heated. Some people are pointing out that a bruise shouldn’t take you out of a week’s worth of games, but I’m thinking that it’s a more serious thing. Nothing’s broken or anything, but perhaps said bruise is a deep bone bruise that makes full movement in his arm impossible. I’m looking on the bright side, of course.

In other NHL news, Vancouver got their butts handed to them by Philadelphia, 8-2. I admit it, I laughed. Calgary lost to Detroit, 4-2, which makes me sad because Calgary is my Other Team. Also, Nashville lost to St. Louis, 4-1, which makes me happy because I hate Nashville quite a lot.

The staff here at Untypical Girls wish Jason Blake best wishes during this surely difficult time in his life. We’re all supporting you here, Jason.


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