Posted by: Cat | October 3, 2007

Stars blow it in season opener

I love the Stars. I honestly think they’re a great team (that’s my professional, unbiased opinion), with a few things lacking.

Sadly, one of those things is a great offense.

The Stars played the Colorado Avalanche on the road, in their season opener, and blew it, 4-3. That doesn’t sound too horrible, but let me get into it, okay? At the beginning of the third period, the Stars were down 4-1. This is because they were totally off in the first two periods of the game. They didn’t look put together. They played great against Tampa Bay (it could be argued that Colorado is a better team than TB). This was almost Phoenix all over again, but at least they won that one.

Morrow took a serious hit during the first that put him out of the game until midway through the second. Thankfully, he’s not injured – I don’t want to start this season and have it end up like last season, with half of our veteran players gone due to injury. Something about the first two periods just seemed so lazy and sloppy to me. It was almost as if certain players (I won’t name names) were thinking that it was still pre-season or something, the way they were skating. They didn’t have the same urgency to win that Colorado did, they didn’t have a solid offense, or even a solid defense, for that matter, until the third period. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. THIS IS BAD. YOU NEED TO BE SOLID TO WIN, GUYS. Isn’t that why you climbed a mountain in Colorado or whatever for your team-building exercise? To become a more solid and together team? IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE IT.

Also, Tippett. A lot of people are sort of anti-Tippett, and I’m not one of those. I like Tip, and it’s becoming harder and harder to justify that sometimes. If this keeps up, though – mostly losing in the first round of the playoffs – he’s going to be gone. SO SHAPE UP, TIP, PLEASE. As much as I love Antti Miettinen, he should not be on the first powerplay unit. You know who would be good on the powerplay? CHRIS CONNER. BRING HIM BACK. Everyone chant with me now: “MIDGET! MIDGET! MIDGET!” Conner has not only potential to be an amazing player, but he has the skill to back it up.

Dear Baby Hockey Jesus,
Please let the Stars play better on Friday night, in the home opener. If they play like they did tonight, I don’t even know if dollar hot dogs will improve my night.

Also, let me give mad love to Greg Wyshynski for mentioning my puckbunny article on his blog. That’s super awesome, and hello to any new readers who were introduced via The Wonderful Greg. Thanks, Greg!



  1. Mittens is playing like he’s got mittens on…mittens on his feet.

    And a paper bag over his head.

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