Posted by: Cat | September 30, 2007

Cowboys win AGAIN, hockey season officially begins

Dear Dallas Cowboys,
Please let me know when you plan on losing a game. I’m so used to you losing, and it really kind of freaks me out when you start winning like this. Four games in a row? You’re 4-0 in this season so far! This is your first 4-0 start to a season since 1995. You know what happened in 1995? You won the Super Bowl. Think you can do it again? That would be really awesome.
I still love you,

Again, I didn’t get to watch the game, but this time it’s because I was actually AT work. Good job, though, boys – I’ve missed seeing you win things.

Okay, and here comes my hockey fan rant. If you go to see your team play somewhere else, other than home, that’s cool – it’s devotion, and I’m into it. However, please don’t say things like “I want to cut off Mike Modano’s head and let Vincent Lecavalier shoot it into the net.” That is just obnoxious. And rude. And also really stupid. I hope those dudes that I’m talking about are aware that I spent $10.50 on a margarita just to make them more tolerable. Also, shouting “Mike sucks” is not going to win you any friends – I hope you got a flat tire in the parking lot and no one helped you, because you’re idiots. I’m sure Caitlin will have more to say on this, so I’ll leave it to her, but man, those dudes sucked.

Stars won their last preseason contest against the Tampa Bay Lightning, 5-1. I love my Stars. The second star of the game was Sergei Zubov, and the first star? None other than Chris Conner, our very own midget.

…It would be kind of entertaining to watch actual midgets play hockey. Am I the only one who thinks that?


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