Posted by: Cat | September 24, 2007

Cowboys win, yet again

Seriously, winter can’t come soon enough – I work weekends at the zoo, and when it’s winter, I don’t work, which is fine by me, because when I come home on Sundays, I am so worn out that I FALL ASLEEP DURING FOOTBALL GAMES. I’m very upset about this, as I would have loved to have ACTUALLY SEEN the Cowboys beat Chicago, 34-10.

Apparently, according to my dad, who watched the game (he’s a big fat liar, by the way – he said he wouldn’t watch the Cowboys anymore after last season, but he totally still does), the game was so not awesome for the whole first half. I did wake up for about 5 seconds at halftime, and saw that the score was 3-3. Um, whatever, dudes. SOMEONE should have scored a touchdown in the first half of the game, but whatever. I woke up again with about 4 minutes left in the game, and saw that the score was 34-10 Cowboys, and was incredibly, incredibly pleased.

I would have more stuff to say about it, but since I didn’t actually watch the game, I can’t judge. I can say, though, that the Cowboys are now 3-0 for the season, for the first time since 1999. They are first place in the NFC East. What’s going on? I’m seriously confused right now. Much like the Rangers, I’m used to the Cowboys falling on their faces for the past 12 or so years. Please keep it up, Cowboys – I’d love to have three major teams in the metroplex that actually win things (assuming the Mavs don’t fail this season). FC Dallas does all right, but no one really keeps up with soccer here. It’s even less popular than hockey, honestly.

Caitlin and I will be attending the last two Stars pre-season games, on Thursday and Saturday. Jenlo will be unable to join us, as she is going out of town. As far as I know, she’s pretty upset about missing the season opener – she hasn’t missed one in 14 years. That’s what DVR is for, though, isn’t it. One of my friends from work, Shanna, is coming with us to Thursday’s game. It should be interesting, as I don’t think she knows a lot about hockey. She can just sit between me and Caitlin, and learn to yell things like “GO SWEDISH FISH (MACH II)” and “STOP PASSING IT AND JUST SHOOT IT”. I’m always excited to bring people to games, and this should be no exception.

Also, the Dallas Mavericks have scheduled their Fan Jam for October 4. I might go, I might not. I don’t want to pay for parking (I’m sorry, but the Stars don’t charge for parking for special stuff like that), and it really doesn’t sound that awesome – apparently it’s an intra-squad scrimmage, and the Mavs Dancers and ManiAACs sign stuff on the concourse. Like I said, not awesome. I’ll probably end up going if I have nothing better to do, though.

Another small note – I should be getting the NHL Center Ice package soon, assuming Time Warner ever decides to make a decision on it, because when I called yesterday, they were all “We’ll have it in a couple of weeks when the season starts”, and I was like “THE SEASON STARTS ON OCTOBER 3, MORON, AND I NEED MY NHL CENTER ICE PACKAGE KTHNX”. I plan on calling again on Thursday, and if they don’t have it yet, I’m going to throw a fit until they tell me that they do have it. Fools. Anyway, whenever that happens, expect some notes about other teams, finally, because I’ll be able to watch those games.



  1. WTF Time Warner get with it on Center Ice!

    I’m stuck with Versus, the worst channel in the history of television.

  2. I’ve got Versus, too, and it does totally blow. They play some NHL games there, though, that aren’t Stars games. So does NBC (that’s even more rare). But I want to watch some Eastern Conference teams, kthnx.

  3. Actually I thought we were all going to try to go to the game tonight, since you know, I don’t leave until Friday.

    Oh well, have fun.

  4. Oh shit, Jen, I thought you left tonight…I am so, so sorry.

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