Posted by: Cat | September 23, 2007


“German for happiness at the misfortunate of others”.

I shouldn’t have said that thing about how the best schadenfreude is when Phoenix beats Anaheim, because Phoenix totally kicked Dallas’s ass last night. It’s unfortunate, but again, it is pre-season. Many of our stars were not playing, in order to get the younger guys some ice time.

Speaking of our stars, though…Marty, baby, what’s going on? You haven’t been playing very well in this pre-season. Was it a rough off-season? It really shouldn’t have been – it wasn’t your fault that Vancouver won in the playoffs. We here at Untypical Girls have discussed it. We love you, Marty (especially me). We don’t like seeing you like this. You are the number one goalie in the NHL, why is this happening? I’m really hoping that it’s just because it’s pre-season. I mean, letting 6 in out of 22 is…Not Marty-like, I don’t think. Your counterpart, Mike Smith, saved 7 of 9 the other night against St. Louis. Please take a page from his book, and start saving more. PLEASE, MARTY, WE ARE BEGGING YOU.

Also, Brenden Morrow, please cut your hair.



  1. From DrewM at Ace of Spades HG:

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