Posted by: Cat | September 21, 2007

Stars lose 2 preseason games in a row


That said, I still obviously would prefer my boys to win. The Stars lost to Tampa Bay (which Caitlin and I have started calling Tuberculosis City, because their suck is contagious) in overtime on Wednesday night (4-3), and they lost to the Colorado Avalanche (6-3) Thursday night. I didn’t get to see the game against TB, but Caitlin and I discovered that their local AM station was playing it, and it was streaming online (THANKS, DALLAS STATIONS, FOR NOT PLAYING OUR PRESEASON GAMES), which brought us much joy. It did not bring us joy, however, when we lost the game.

The game against Tampa Bay was truly a test for some of the Stars’ younger players. None of our more experienced players were there, that I could tell. I know that both goalies in the game (Philippe Sauve and Tobias Stephan) are obviously not Marty Turco or Mike Smith (who I will get to shortly). I know that they mostly used younger guys, to decide whether or not to keep them in Dallas or send them off to Iowa. They did well, though – our Swedish Fish (Loui Eriksson) tied the game with 1:01 left in regulation. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay scored in overtime, winning the game.

The game against the Avalanche was a good one (as most Stars vs. Avs contests end up being). I’m sure the all of the Stars’ penalty minutes didn’t help in the loss. Here are a couple of our billboards – they should prepare you for what’s coming:

SO MUCH FIGHTING OMG. Steve Ott wasn’t even playing tonight! Krys Barch was, though, and was responsible for 3 of the 5 kerfluffles (how awesome of a word is “kerfluffle”?). We can thank Todd Fedoruk and Brad Winchester for the other two. One of the Colorado guys pushed Jussi Fruit (Jussi Jokinen, it’s an inside joke that I’ll let you in on shortly) down, and got game misconduct. NO ONE TOUCHES OUR JUSSI FRUIT.

Direct from the Stars website’s recap: “Dallas starting goaltender Mike Smith was outstanding, stopping seven-of-nine shots against him playing the first half of the contest, with several spectacular saves among them.”


He really was, though, and that’s my official, unbiased opinion. His performance in this game and on Tuesday’s match were really, really impressive. He’s obviously learning a lot from Turco, which is exactly what the Stars need – a good, reliable backup goalie. Just in case, you know. Pull him out on a rainy day or something.

Also, Dave Tippett calls Krys Barch “Barchie” in the recap, and I think that’s really adorable, and I’m going to start calling him that. Knowing him, he wouldn’t mind – he seems like a nice enough dude. He talked to us for like five minutes about his kid, after all.


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