Posted by: Cat | September 18, 2007

Stars defeat Blues, 6-5

First preseason game, and we won it! It was close, but we won it. So here’s the short story of our awesome game experience.

Fun stuff:

  • Mike Ribeiro and Trevor Daley were signing autographs in the fan shop.
  • Free magnet schedules, and free shit is always cool.

Stars won it, 6-5. I know it’s preseason, and it doesn’t really count, but it still feels good to win, of course. Lots of players didn’t play, including Modano, Zubov, Ribeiro, and Daley. Turco and Smith split the game – Turco allowed 4 goals, Smith allowed 1, which seems very un-Turco-like to me. Good job, Smitty, though.

I really can’t think of much else to say about the game. The Ice Girls are annoying – they’ve adopted some sort of dance routine thing, and it seriously annoyed me, mostly because my high school varsity drill team was better. Jenlo and I wanted to go over to the Havoc Fanatic section and teach them how the fuck it’s done. Hopefully my update after the game on Thursday against the Avalanche will be better.

By the way, I’m editing the podcast that Caitlin and I recorded on Friday night, so it should be up soon. There’s not too much I want to take out, though, and as of this second it’s 93 minutes long, which, I don’t think anyone wants to sit through that. We’ll see what’s up.


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