Posted by: Cat | September 17, 2007

Dallas Stars – Training Camp and Jerseys

This blog is super hockey-centric, because our favorite sport here is hockey. Football obviously comes in a close second, and I don’t know about my fellow Untypical Girls, but basketball is high up there for me, too. However, baseball? When you have a team like the Rangers, can you REALLY enjoy baseball?

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be able to go to training camp on Friday morning. I’d say things are looking good for the Dallas Stars. Maybe it was just the joy of the first day of training camp, or skating together again, but all seemed to go well (there were points when I was incredibly distracted by various things…Ooh, shiny!). The Morrow, Ribeiro, Eriksson line looks promising, according to and what I saw. Everyone was all smiles – it’s nice to see your team so happy. Let’s hope that happiness keeps up, with tons of wins.

Caitlin and I attended the Dallas Stars new RBK EDGE jersey unveiling on Friday night. First of all, parking was free – I like it when I can park at American Airlines Center for free. Secondly, if you brought your skates, you could skate on the same rink that the Stars play on. How cool is that?

So we get there, get some drinks, and find a couple of seats. There’s a catwalk taking up about 1/3 of the rink, and I say something about how hilarious it would be to see the Stars do some modeling. I was kidding, but apparently the Hockey Gods heard me or something. Daryl “Razor” Reaugh came out in an absolutely absurd outfit, doing his best gay fashion designer impersonation (by the way, to the person on the official Stars message boards who said he was supposed to be a pimp: PLZ 2 B WATCHING ‘ZOOLANDER’ NOW KTHNXBI). The Ice Girls did something that I’m assuming was supposed to be a choreographed dance (dear Caitlin’s sister, please be an Ice Girl and show those girls how it’s done properly, please) with pompoms. And then, Marty Turco walked out onto the catwalk, accompanied by some Ice Girls, who I’m assuming are new, and don’t know that the players are the center of attention. Total, there were five players that modeled the new jerseys – Marty Turco (home), Mike Modano (away), Philippe Boucher (home), Mike Ribeiro (away), and Brenden Morrow (home).

Now, I know that they’re hockey players, and not male models (although some of them could be good at that). Philippe Boucher looked the most uncomfortable. Morrow did his best “look at me, I’m a tough guy” arms across the chest pose. Modano just looked like he wanted to get the fuck out of there. Turco looked like he wanted to laugh. Ribeiro? Totally strutted his stuff. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be a joke, but he looked GOOD up there. Just saying.

I really like the away jerseys – they actually have the logo on the front. But what the FUCK is with the new ones? “DALLAS”? Like, we know. And black is not a color, it’s a shade – GREEN is a color, though, fuckers. I’ll admit that they look better on the players, but they’re still really disappointing. I suspect we’ll be seeing mostly old jerseys on fans at games. I’ll give you the update on that over the course of the week.

Also? The best schadenfreude is when Phoenix beats Anaheim.


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