Posted by: Cat | September 17, 2007

Cowboys kill Dolphins, 37-20

I just wanted to use the word “kill”, because I think it’s funny. The Cowboys probably don’t actually kill dolphins, unless they’re the Miami Dolphins.

I will admit, I slept through most of the second half. I had a long day and very little sleep, so don’t be pissed. The first half, though, was just pathetic. People were laughing at that one guy (I forgot who it was, and I lost my notes) who just couldn’t catch the ball. It was like watching a five-year-old playing catch with his dad. But you know what? FUCK YOU GUYS, WHO WON THE GAME?

Patrick Crayton was astounding. He dislocated his right pinky in the second quarter (he says his pinky was pointing east, and the rest of his hand was pointing north – not pretty), and received stitches to treat the puncture wound. He came back in the third quarter, and managed a 49-yard gain on a punt return.

Also astounding? Marion Barber. Terrell Owens (we all know Untypical Girls’ feeling on T.O.) even said “His name should be ‘Marion Barbarian’ because he has a nose and a knack for the goal line.” So from now on, I’m calling Marion Barber “Marion Barbarian”, because it is oh-so-awesome.

I’m starting to like Terrell Owens more and more. Sure, he’s kind of a dick and last season never caught the ball, but he’s doing much better this season. This story made me laugh until my sides hurt. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, which is understandable, but MAN, that shit is funny. He might be a douchebag, but at least he’s a funny douchebag. I’d probably like to hang out and have a couple of beers with him (particularly if he brought Tony Romo and Marion Barber with him). Call me, T.O.!


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