Posted by: Jen | September 14, 2007

So first post; hockey season has begun

Figured I’d better wait until I had something important to write about. I guess this isn’t too incredibly important, but it will do anyway.

Hockey season has officially begun. Last night the Anaheim “No Longer Mighty” Ducks hosted the Los Angeles Kings…and lost. Sure it’s only preseason, and it was a close game (5-4) but still. The reigning Stanley Cup champions losing to the Kings? Either Anaheim didn’t have their game together or Los Angeles actually trained. We’ll see how tomorrow’s rematch turns out. Other games to watch for this weekend; Florida vs. Calgary and Phoenix vs. Anaheim. Sure, the Ducks/Coyotes game will be landslide (in the Ducks favor), but it’s always fun to watch. Both are on Sunday, as well as Washington vs. Carolina, Nashville vs. Columbus and Atlanta vs. St Louis.

The new Stars jersey’s were officially unveiled today. Not so sure about them, honestly. First time since I became a fan (since they moved to Dallas) that we don’t have the Stars logo on the front of our home ice jerseys. I’m not too keen on it, honestly. We’re the only team who had to completely change their home jersey, and frankly I don’t like it. I’m not even going to go into it because I had a right fit up at the office.

Onto other sports, the only other sport I always watch. Football.

America’s Quarterback Tony Romo (QB for the Cowboys for those who are idiots) was named the NFC offensive player of the week. Good for him! Hopefully that’s a sign of what is to come for the rest of the season for the good ole Boys.

How about Kevin Everett? I’m sure it was a breath of fresh air for him and his family when they saw the simple moving of the toes. All of us at the Untypical Girls staff wish him well and a full recovery. So keep your fingers crossed.

And holy shit at the Patriots for video taping signals. It makes me think though, is this REALLY the first time it’s been done? Or just the first time a team was idiotic enough to get caught. Either way, it’ll definitely be an interesting year for football.



  1. Maybe Anaheim did what the Mavs do all too often – let their victory get to their head.

    When I first saw the new jerseys, I was horrified, shocked, and appalled, but after being at the fashion show last night and seeing them actually on the players, I think they’ll look okay. The away jersey is fine, it’s the home one everyone has issue with. Maybe it’ll grow on us. Like fungus.

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