Posted by: Cat | September 13, 2007

Will the Ducks be able to hold the Cup?

Obviously, the Ducks are hopeful to to keep the Stanley Cup in Anaheim. But is it possible? It’s tough to defend the title – every other team in the NHL is aching for that Cup, and they’re going to do their best to put Anaheim down in every game, I’m sure. In the last 20 years, the only teams to win the Stanley Cup consecutively are the Edmonton Oilers (86-87, 87-88), the Pittsburgh Penguins (90-91, 91-92), and the Detroit Red Wings (96-97, 97-98). I’m not sure if the Ducks compare to any of those teams. They were named after a kid’s movie, for God’s sake.

So if I don’t think the Ducks will get the title, who will?

Being a die-hard Stars fan, obviously I’m hoping for them to take it. Is that possible? I’m not sure. I know that the Stars are a great team, but for the last three seasons (excluding the cancelled 2004-2005 season, of course), they’ve lost in the Quarterfinals. Why? No idea. Last season was too close for words (I’m still really bitter and sad about it, too – I have nightmares about third period empty net goals), but I’m sure that Dave Tippett will try to make sure that the Stars’ offense will be able to capitalize this season.

Other possibilities, at least in my mind, include Detroit, Vancouver, and and Nashville in the West, and Ottawa, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh in the East. Why? I might get into that at another time. Right now, I have a dinner to go to – pasta and beer are more important to me than hockey right now.



  1. I think Hawaii is like the anti-hockey state. At least that’s the excuse I’m using for not knowing Anaheim won the Stanley Cup.

  2. Well, Hawaii doesn’t have a hockey team or anything, so it’s understandable. Texas isn’t exactly known for its hockey atmosphere, either.

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