Posted by: Cat | September 11, 2007

Dallas Stars Prospects, New Jerseys

So, the Dallas Stars are up in Traverse City, participating in the NHL Prospect Tournament. I haven’t been paying a whole bunch of attention to it, but I do know that all the buzz is about Mark Fistric and Matt Niskanen. Fistric is acting as captain of the Stars’ prospect team up in Traverse City. He was the Stars’ first pick, 28th overall, back in 2004, and is looking to see some serious ice time with the team this season.

Meanwhile, Niskanen got injured about halfway into the first game up in Traverse City, and won’t be seen again until training camp starts on Friday (follow that link to see the 52 players that will be at training camp, and the schedule). Side note: all Stars’ practices are open to the public, so if you’re curious, you can always go up to Frisco.

The staff of Untypical Girls got invited to the unveiling of the new Dallas Stars jerseys on Friday night, and I intend on going to training camp that morning, too (I need to see both groups, there are players I love on both!). I don’t think Jenlo will be attending the unveiling, but Caitlin will be meeting me there, and we’ll let you know what we think when we (hopefully) record our podcast that night.



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