Posted by: Cat | September 9, 2007

Cowboys Defeat Giants, 45-35


Friend and fellow Untypical Girl Jessie joined me for chicken wings, beer, and football this evening. Having grown up in Dallas, and watching football my whole life, and seeing the Cowboys win the Super Bowl in 1992, 1993, and 1995, this game made me really happy. After seeing Tony Romo fuck up so, so bad in the Wild Card Playoffs last season, this game made me really happy. After seeing how fucking cute Eli Manning is, this game made me really happy.

Wait. Well, okay, yeah. Eli Manning is really cute. But he’s on the Giants, and we’re talking about the Cowboys. Sorry.

Wade Phillips really needed some players to step up to the game tonight, with Terry Glenn injured, and a couple of players really stood out to me tonight. Sam Hurd, who scored the game-winning (well, secured the victory, at least) 51-yard touchdown, was awesome. Terrell Owens really stepped it up as well. He actually CAUGHT the ball (although only three times), which is a big improvement from last season.

Couple injuries in this game, though – Jason Ferguson (Cowboys DT), Brandon Jacobs (Giants RB) got a sprained knee, Osi Umenyiora (Giants defensive end) left with a knee injury. Poor Eli Manning left the game with about 7 minutes left and didn’t return, having a bruised throwing shoulder.

It might have been Manning’s injury that helped the Cowboys push the Giants back. Had Manning not been injured, it’s entirely possible that they could have scored another touchdown and won it. I’m choosing to believe, however, that the Cowboys won it based upon pure talent and good coaching.

You go, Wade Phillips! You can rest easy tonight, knowing that the whole city of Dallas is probably praising you.

P.S. Did anyone catch Britney’s VMA performance? I almost felt embarrassed for her, and then I realized that it’s Britney Spears, the girl who married Kevin Federline and had two of his children. Then I felt less bad, and laughed. Although I mostly just stared at the screen with the same expression as 50 Cent:

EDIT: Lovely contributor Jenlo pointed out to me that I didn’t mention Terrell Owens actually scoring two touchdowns, of the three passes he caught. It really is shocking, and amazing, and although I’m very pleased about it, I’m wondering if it will actually happen again.



  1. The fact that you left out that T.O. actually CAUGHT the ball twice and made us 2 touchdowns baffles me.

  2. I was multitasking, and forgot. I’ll edit the post, actually, because it really is SHOCKING. Like, in a carnival sideshow shocking way.

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